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Raquel Spring Signture


Raquel Spring Learn Astrology Aspects Square Conjunction Opposition Trine


Price: $133

5 videos (16+ hours total)

This set includes an introduction and a deep dive into 6 important aspects:

  • Conjunction

  • Opposition

  • Sextile

  • Trine

  • Square

  • Semi-Sextile

  • Quincunx

Aspects are the language of the planets and one of the most crucial foundational skills to master in order to accurately understand how the planets interact with one another to interpret the natal chart and give meaningful readings. Aspects help us read between the lines of the chart to tell a story and can help uncover the psychology and motivation behind our personality traits.

The major and minor aspects explored in depth in this transformational series are: the conjunction, opposition, square (including the T-square and semi-square), sextile, trine, semi-sextile, and quincunx.

In this powerful lecture series, you will be shown how to identify aspects using orbs and understand the significance and the deeper meaning behind each aspect by exploring separating and applying aspects. All lectures provide many examples of planetary aspects using both inner and outer planets, as well as aspects to Chiron and the Lunar Nodes.

Here's a teaser into the first lecture of this series:

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