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5 Planets in Taurus Rocks Your World!

5 Planets in Taurus Rocks Your World!

This week, Mercury enters Taurus, and joins the Sun, Venus, and the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.


In this article I want to help you understand the important energies of Taurus in your chart, and in your life during the month of May. 

No matter where you are in the world, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, you have an astrological chart with the sign of Taurus. Yes, every single one of us, including countries and animals, has an astrological chart. And right now, thanks to the exciting energies in Taurus, all those charts are undergoing massive shake-ups and crossing incredible thresholds.

The convergence of these planetary energies is setting the stage for a month of radical revolution and rapid developments. During the month of May, we are confronted with sobering moments, important revelations, and unique opportunities to swiftly conclude unfinished business and propel ourselves toward new horizons.

To provide some context, the conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus happen approximately every 14 years, bringing radical bursts of expansion in different astrological signs. The last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Taurus was 83 years ago, nearly completing a full Uranus cycle. 

The recent new moon in Taurus was conjunct this Jupiter-Uranus energy, indicating an important month ahead. Jupiter conjunct Uranus, along with the rest of the planets in Taurus this month are supporting a "Grand Finale" in every astrological chart. A period of slow and steady transformation is coming to an end, ushering in something new. 

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Uranus revolutionizes and transforms whatever it touches. It does so by taking it all apart through chaos and surprises, only to put it back together in a brand new innovative way. Uranus is currently preparing to perform its magic in the sign of Gemini, where it will revolutionize and transform how we experience the air element, specifically in the fields of science, education, information, media, technology, and communication. We are, after all, preparing for a new stage of consciousness, so Pluto in Aquarius, together with Uranus in Gemini, will be highly significant for our evolution into the future.

However, before Uranus enters Gemini, it has to wrap up Taurus. And this is what this Grand Finale in Taurus is all about.

Since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, a period of radical revolution and transformation began, particularly concerning our values, our resources, our relationship to the feminine energies and to Gaea herself.

Uranus in Taurus revolutionized these energies, specifically initiating a new relationship with money, values, our bodies, and to the feminine. These shifts have been slowly building up for all of us since 2018, and are now reaching a crucial stage of completion as Uranus wraps up the end of Taurus in preparation for Gemini next.

This is the most action Uranus will receive before he leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, and so this opens a significant moment of acceleration, closure, completion, and breakthrough for many.


As you prepare for this, remember that the energies of May are purposeful and necessary, as it urges you to realize, to complete, to accelerate, and to move forward. Reflect on where Taurus is in your chart, as it will hold you accountable for growth in those areas.

And so, all the activity in Taurus right now is moving and shaking your Taurus house outside its comfort zone, because you are ready for action. You are ready for shake-ups, closures, rewards and breakthroughs.

Wishing you a powerful and blessed week ahead.

Love, Raquel Spring and Altair

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