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Raquel Spring Signture

A New Year, A New Era! Navigating The FUTURE. THE GREAT AWAKENING OF 2024!

This workshop is more than an astrological guide; it’s a journey of aligning with the universe's rhythm, and from this place preparing for a new chapter!


DURATION 2 hours.

REPLAY is available within 24 hours of the live event.


I am excited to announce that this Saturday, and the very same day that Pluto enters Aquarius, I will be giving a workshop on

The Great Awakening of 2024! 

My cells are tingling with excitement as I plan and prepare for this…


Since 2020, the world has been furiously working through lifetimes of contracts and entanglements. Now, closure is here, and 2024 finally reveals the first few signs of a new dawn, and a significant window for new energies to come in!

Do you feel it? A new era is here.

So much is ripe and ready for this.

Now, everything begins to move and shift rapidly as we prepare for breakthroughs and action.

From here on, significant events will be expressed throughout lives and charts in powerful ways!

This is truly a time to go, a time to step forward into new light, and new life.


A few of the significant events of January are:

1. The Capricorn New Moon:

The first New Moon of 2024 blessed us with a final call for action and moment of power, unleashed through its conjunction with Pluto, t-square with the Lunar Nodes, and trine with Uranus. This combination communicates the closing of old cycles, and the opening of a new threshold, finally here.

2. The Lunar Nodes:

The Nodes of the Moon reveal the great wisdom and strength that is available now, as we cross into a final phase of liberation from the old, including old wounds, and awaken to a new dawn of radical truth and independent action.


3. The Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius:

On January 20th, the Sun and Pluto enter 0° Aquarius hand in hand, and together anchor a revolutionary force, here to awaken a new paradigm for society and ignite a radical new beginning for you.

4. Uranus stations direct: Chaos or Freedom?

Only days after The Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius, its ruler, Uranus stations direct! This sudden response from Uranus, activates the energies of Pluto, now in new territory, accelerating sudden shifts and awakening the Aquarian force exponentially throughout the world and all charts. Learn more about this and find the hotspots in your chart that reveal more.

5. The Leo Full Moon:

The first Full Moon of 2024 announces, loud and boldly, Pluto’s final clarion call. Moments of truth and rapid change ignite lives and accelerate events from here on out.

6. Pluto in Aquarius Meditation and Activation:

 Due to this monumental day of Pluto's entrance into Aquarius, we will also have some time to, as a community, call in the power of this powerful infusion together, and through a moment for invocation, meditation, and ceremony receive this new energy with grace, for ourselves and for the world.

I am blessed to dive deep into all this information with you, and together show up for this fresh energy that is coming in, as some of the first to rise to the forefront and receive this new light! 


See you soon.

With love, Raquel Spring


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