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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Let's have a moment of gratitude and praise for this incredible passageway that we have all just crossed! Wow, what a lineup of important astrological events, first the Spring Equinox, a few hours later the 0° Aries New Moon, then Pluto's entrance into Aquarius, and finally Mars entering Cancer. This is a powerful time, for every person on the planet. Feel the love, feel the gratitude, feel the expansion for where you are now. Feel the readiness in your cells, the eagerness, and the anticipation for what's to come.

On a personal note, my heart is overflowing with expansive joy at all the events that have recently transpired, starting with my life-changing experience at the Conscious Life Expo where I got to meet some incredible people, host my own workshop, and speak at the Astrology panel, next to Rick Levine, David Palmer (The Leo King) and several others.

See more pictures and info below

A month later, I was at another mega conference here in Sedona, called The Sedona Ascension Retreat where I was thrilled to connect with speakers like Matt Khan, William Henry, Paul Selig, Billy Carson, Alan Steinfeld, J.J. & Desire Hurtak, and so many more. The place was just exploding with energy. I held a workshop on Pluto in Aquarius, forged important bonds, made many new connections, it was epic!

See more pictures and info below

The next day, I spoke at an event here in Sedona that Soul Search hosted for the Spring Equinox, and shared some Astrological insight on the powerful passageway that we are in. And then on Saturday morning, March 25th, we finally had our big workshop on Pluto in Aquarius, and wow, what an incredible event that was!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for about a year now, to dive this deep and share this much information about Pluto in Aquarius with you! My cells are still buzzing from it…

Then, on Saturday night, I was invited to a private party here in Sedona with UFO researchers, contactees, remote viewers, leaders, teachers, physicists, researchers of quantum physics and of consciousness. Our Sedona vortex was the perfect place to host this incredible whirlwind of energy. I got to meet many amazing people, but one of the highlights was when a powerful speech was given about key leaders, that are even now as we speak, in all aspects of the military and of the government, getting ready for some big moves in the direction of disclosure and freedom. It was exciting to hear of everyone who is uniting at this time, and to feel so much light being broadcast from one space. We may have even shaken Sedona a little, lol.

Talk about feeling the activations of Pluto in Aquarius!

But the momentum continues.

On April 5th, I will be doing a live interview on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart, Gaia. This interview will be called The Embodiment of Gaia and it will happen live, on April 5th. I will share more information on how you can join soon. Then on April 6 we will hold our monthly Full Moon Gathering, which I will also be sharing with you soon.

As we prepare for a new week ahead, I invite you to feel along with me the revolutionary winds of Aquarius that are finally here. Feel how we are each at the right place, at the right time to receive it. Take a moment to rejoice, to celebrate, and to contemplate how far you’ve come. Know that I am celebrating with you, and that my heart is excited to continue expanding on this journey with you. With all my heart, I am wishing you a wonderful week. I will be back soon.

With love, Raquel Spring.


Reference Links, photos, and other information:

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PLUTO IN AQUARIUS ~The Rise of a New Era!


April 5, 2023 The Embodiment of Gaia ~ an evolutionary journey, my personal story.

- More information soon. April 6, 2023

The Libra Full Moon Gathering – Preparing for Eclipses, Relationships, & World Events!

- To be announced soon.

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