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8/8 Sirius & Lion's Gate Portal Explained

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

In this article I am going to talk about the star system Sirius, and how that is tying into the Lions Gate Portal and Leo New Moon of August 8, 2021.

Suns, as Matias de Stefano explains, are spots where the networks and connections of time and space are bound together, and what connect the 6th and 5th dimensions to the 4th and 3rd. In other words, Suns are portals into other dimensions.

After our Sun, the Star of Sirius is one of the closest stars to Gaia, and has been revered as our parent Sun and architect of our reality by many cultures and civilizations throughout history.

In truth, Sirius has been responsible for much of our evolution as a species, some even say that Astrology was first introduced to us by them. The pyramids of Giza are proportionally aligned with the rising of Sirius at this time of year, and 8/8 was acknowledged as a sacred time, where a combinations of factors created a portal to connect to this star system and to other dimensions.

Ceremonies and rituals to honor this time prevailed throughout cycles and today we honor it as a gateway to access higher states of consciousness and of awareness.

It is at this time that new energies are introduced from Sirius to Gaia, and it is now that the new codes of 2022 are being birthed. This is why many of you have been feeling brand new energies come in, and have expressed feeling suspended in the unknown. Yes, new energy is coming in, and much will change by 2022 to reflect that. But it is being seeded right now.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it is the best filter for our parent Sun to shine its encoded light through. The Leo New Moon announces the grand entrance of new codes being awakened through your Leo house, more precisely, 16° Leo. Where is this New Moon happening in your chart?

This Leo New Moon is also featuring a powerful square with Uranus, the planet of radical change. Along with Saturn, Uranus has been responsible for introducing the script of control vs freedom as one of the main themes of 2021, and the Leo New Moon square Uranus in Taurus will activate this script even further.

Whether through Sirius’ rising, or through Uranus’ electrical charge to the Leo New Moon, 8/8/2021 is a sacred time of great energies and exchange of communication that is happening between Gaia and other dimensions.

With you in heart & in spirit,

❤️ Raquel Spring.



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