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Raquel Spring Signture

Mars Stations Direct @ 8° Gemini!

January 12, 2023 Mars (FINALLY) stations direct today! @ 12:55pm PT.

Just look around and notice the rush of energy that is sweeping through..

After an arduous 2 1/2 years (yes, you heard me right, 2 1/2 years) your Gemini house is finally free to release and take off! And by the way, all of this arduous training was so that you could be prepared for the new activity brewing in Aries and Aquarius now.

In other words, your Gemini house has been training and preparing for this exact moment, to support and assist your Aries and Aquarius zones in 2023 & 2024! Pretty profound. Anyway, it's definitely time to celebrate.

The sign of Gemini is receiving an explosion of energy right now, well done Gemini, well done.

🔮 -Raquel Spring.

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