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Neptune Stations Direct - What Does That Mean?

Today, Neptune stations direct at 20° Pisces. It’s a big day for Neptune, it’s a big day for us all.

Neptune rules water, tides, subtle perceptions, and realms beyond...

When Neptune is active the veils become thinner, emotions rise, intuition is heightened, and sensitivities are enhanced.

Because Neptune is the planet of transcendence this time can bring us the opportunity to see and experience spirit in stronger ways.

Many are feeling a peak in multidimensional awareness. This is also a powerful time for dreams, meditation, and communion with spirit altogether.

At its best there is a feeling of euphoria, bliss, and deep states of ecstasy, all traits that are amplified when Neptune stations direct.

On the other hand, Neptune can activate a sense of uncertainty, despair, and even grief.

For some there may be a feeling of disclosure, a lifting of the veils, and of seeing things more clearly and for others disorientation and hysteria.

Neptune is the archetype responsible for our desire to transcend the self and its constructed reality, so whether through escapism, through solitude, altered consciousness, or through spirit, Neptune will activate within us the longing to dissolve consciousness, and return to spirit.

Neptune is releasing a lot of energy right now as he stations direct today, and will remain strong for the rest of the week.

Where is 20° Pisces in your chart?

Neptune stationing direct is releasing a burst of energy in preparation for the upcoming Sagittarius Solar Eclipse.

I speak in greater depth about this powerful moment of Neptune stationing direct in my latest video update, to help you understand more about this energy in your life:

What Does The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Mean for You?

With Love,

❤️ Raquel Spring

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