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Raquel Spring Signture

Rick Levine, Raquel Spring, Shima Moore, Leo Knighton, Alan Steinfield & more ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS

Hello family,

Wow, our Astrology panel on the Predictions for 2023 was just incredible!!

Here is the replay:

How exciting it was to be together with these brilliant minds, and wonderful souls, acclaimed writers and astrologers. Really, what a treat! In February my joy will multiply as I speak in LA, at the Conscious Life Expo. alongside Rick Levine, Shima Moore, Leo King, and others, on the Astrology of this new year.

I will announce more about this at our Full Moon Gathering, which by the way, starts soon. So stay tuned! :)

This Astrology Predictions panel was incredible. Now I'm revved up, and excited to dive even deeper into the energies of 2023 with you. Are you ready?

For more information on our Cancer Full Moon Gathering, see below. Link to register free and share:

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