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'The Green Comet' Solar Flares & Leo Full Moon!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

My dear beloved community, the energies recently have been exhilarating.

Unusually powerful Solar flares have blasted through January, allowing our Astrological alignments to be broadcast through our atmosphere with even more intensity. This information has been reaching us on a cellular level at a very high frequency.

Now, as we open February, we are greeted by the visible light of ‘The Green Comet’ who is adding to the showers of new information that our planet is receiving.

Every single celestial body is intelligent and conscious, just as Gaia is, and when we receive their light, with awareness, we activate that same consciousness within our collective experience. - Raquel Spring

‘The Green Comet’ was referenced by Scientists and Astronomers as having last appeared about 50,000 years ago, and at the start of the last Ice Age. Today this comet returns to catalyze the new era that we are collectively stepping into.

The Full Moon of February 5th celebrates these cosmic experiences, activating within us heightened awareness of these energies, which opens us up to receive even more fully. The Full Moon of February 5th also points to a very important juncture in space/time, where our choices now are paving the way for the themes that will resurface by late summer with the Black Moon Lilith, and Venus retrograde in Leo.

This is a powerful time for the Leo energy in all of us, and I am looking forward to our Leo Full Moon Gathering to see your beautiful faces again, and to share more about all of these great astrological and spiritual events! Until then, I am sending love, and I'll see you soon. 🔮

Free Zoom Live Call & Replay:

The Leo Full Moon – Rebirth & Bold Transitions!

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