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Raquel Spring Signture


THE THEME OF THIS FULL MOON IS FREEDOM! There is a brand new cry for FREEDOM that is rising and bursting through with newfound urgency in the world during this time. This wave will build throughout the next few months, as we collectively push through, break through, and open this door in 2024! The period from 2020-2023 served as a warm up, a preparation for where we are entering now. This new stage started with the 2023 Summer Solstice, which presented a significant phase of final release. And now we face a tremendous golden opportunity for the biggest quantum leap of our lives. If the new Aquarian frequencies have been accelerating time for you, good, you're in the right timeline. Aquarius is all about accelerating time, and accelerating energy. And after all, we are preparing for an Aquarius Full Moon, so big energies and 'less time' are just a given at this stage. July provided key landmarks and opportunities to initiate this phase, such as the Nodal shift into Aries and Libra, the Galactic New Year, and Venus and Chiron stationing retrograde. Together, Venus and Chiron are now releasing potent energies within us, portals where even deeper shadows are ready to come through. These shadows must emerge during this time, and be faced in all truth, before we find our great release. Thus, this time is about honesty, which means embracing your pain as it emerges, the unmet desires, the rage, the convoluted emotions that may be rising, and creating a new level of intimacy with your shadow, which is your greatest gift during this time. And now, as we approach the Aquarius Full Moon and Lion's Gate Portal, we step into a new stage of TRUTH and of FREEDOM that will be ready to come through for the collective in 6 months' time, at the 2024 Aquarius New Moon!​​​​​​ Not everyone is or will be ready for this quantum leap, but you and I, and a handful of wise souls that are listening beyond the superficial noise and chaos will know, surrender, and show up for the experience. Can you sense the urgency of what this means? Can you feel the vibrancy of this truth coursing through your veins? This is paving the way for Pluto's journey in Aquarius, which is, and will continue more and more to be, about waking up, remembering who you are, and creating new experiences of authenticity and unbridled expression. What a rare and golden opportunity. Do not fear the pain, do not run away from your shadow, for they are here to set you free! But first, you must surrender and listen. This time is about surrendering the ideas you've created of yourself and of your relationships, ideas that have accumulated (over years, decades, lifetimes, and even eons) under your old model of ego, and no longer serve the new stage of authenticity and of freedom that Pluto in Aquarius is calling you into next. The brave ones who are ready to hear the call of their shadow during this time, to let the dross burn away, along with their outdated perceptions and expectations of 'reality', will be the first ones to cross the threshold of a new beginning in 2024. I am blessed to see beyond, and to be here today to confidently encourage you, not to 'hold on', but to let go, fully and completely, of all ideas and desires that belong to your old model of reality. Be brave enough to be wild and free, as you release everything, and allow yourself to be recreated during this valuable time! The TRUTH will set you free. Happy Aquarius Full Moon! ~°~ ... As I step away from scattering my energy throughout social media platforms, I am instead called to prioritize my own rapid evolution, and yours. After all, I figured that those who truly want to know more are here, and this is where I want to focus my energy during this time. For this reason, we will skip our Full Moon Gatherings, which are usually posted onto YouTube, and instead I will update you here, through private videos and emails on the energies as they unfold. So stay tuned for my emails coming to you. ... On a personal note, My own incredible process of re-birth and embodiment has been accelerating at the speed of light, and I find myself having the most significant breakthroughs of my life! I will share more about this, and about our upcoming deep dive on the "Mysteries of... The Black Moon Lilith, Venus & Mercury Retrograde" in my next email to you. So, stay tuned! Until then, I am signing off, in love and grace, ~*~ Raquel Spring.

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