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Reclaiming Your Sacred Divine Feminine

In this life-changing transformational 3-day event & workshop, we bring to you 4 divine feminine spiritual leaders, all residing in the community of Sedona. Through their own life experiences and cell memory awakening, these sisters of light will teach, guide, heal, activate, align, and empower you to Reclaim Your Sacred Divine Feminine Self.

Here is some of what is included in this fascinating and powerful event & workshop:

~ Ignite, empower, and utilize your Blue Ray Divine Feminine Sacred Voice. 

~ Know the essence of Black Moon Lilith, Astrologically and biologically.

~ Align & activate the embodiment of your feared missing Priestess aspect for empowerment. 

~ Receive attunements to activate your own Devic Intelligence. 

~ Activations to remove false beliefs & patterns about your feminine self to reach sacred union. 

~ Learn new evolutionary teachings for centering, grounding, and purification. 

~ Understand the true meaning of the word “Goddess” and how we are to be honored & respected.

You will be introduced to a set of techniques and methods designed to ignite the wisdom of your “Eros intelligence” to activate and refine long-time dormant orgasmic pathways in your anatomy. It will also remind your brain how to circulate and efficiently utilize this energy towards the optimal restoration of your physical body, emotional balance, and mental clarity. At the same time breaking taboos and liberating repressed and abused areas in your body. Yoga attire and mat are needed.

Galactic & Shamanic Sacred Womb Cleanse to clear your guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness as a woman carried for lifetimes attached to the sacred womb and DNA cellular memories.

Know the essence of Black Moon Lilith, Astrologically and biologically.

Learn about the balance of light and dark aspects of the divine feminine within and how to bring Black Moon Lilith and Venus together in sacred alchemy so that you can make peace with your primordial powers and unleash the new feminine archetype that is rising.

Light Language Activations with Vocal vibrational harmonization for Sacred Divine Feminine Healing through the DNA at the cellular level for your transformation and empowerment of your authentic self and divine feminine I AM source presence.

There is no more hiding in the closet, sisters, and your will no longer fear being your authentic self. You are needed more now than ever, knowing who you are, why you came, and how your service work aligns with Earth's Ascension.

You are here to step up in your aligned power through your sacred heart, utilize your sacred voice, and be an example of how we, as the sacred divine feminine, lead from divine wisdom through our sacred hearts in the power of love.

Are you ready to Reclaim Your Sacred Divine Feminine Source Self and Transform your life?

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Heading 3

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Meet the Presenters:


Keleena Malnar

Keleena Malnar is here as a Divine Feminine New Earth Leader and Wayshower. As a full-body conduit for source, and super sensitive empath, this aligns her work as an Intuitive Multidimensional Crystalline Quantum Energy Healer and vibrational harmonic DNA key code activator. She utilizes all the languages of light, sound, and tone to shift vibrations raising humanity's frequency and octave to match our Mother Earth. The Cosmic Mother frequency flows through Keleena to activate purification, crystalline process, initiate healing, and more. She leads all souls from their created ego fears back to their sacred hearts to connect you to your divine I AM presence, to find your authentic self and your soul work.

Through her videos, workshops, events, blogs, and more, Keleena mentors, empowers and initiates women and all souls to align, find their sacred purpose and live their dreams. She is also a High Priestess Activator & Initiator of the Sisters of the Sacred Rose, an Activator of the Blue Ray Sacred Divine Feminine Cosmic Voice, psychic, trance artist, channel, conducts private sessions, and more.

Keleena is not afraid to live her purpose as her Sacred Divine Feminine Authentic Self, and she empowers, activates, and encourages all women to do the same.



Hortensia Martinez

Your body possesses the organic technology needed to heal with the most efficient and “forbidden” medicine that exists within your anatomy. Yet, the right methodology is needed to consciously cultivate and distribute this energy to utilize its purpose to the fullest. Hortensia Martinez, 2022 (excerpt from my book “The Key”- To be published)

Hortensia's Spiritual path had led her to specialize in metaphysical and ancestral knowledge like Tantra, Tao, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Firewalking, Priestess of the Egyptian Lineage, among others. She is a Sister of the Sacred Rose. For years she has also received teachings on plant medicine and cosmology from indigenous teachers in remote areas of the Amazon jungle, Central America, Mexico, and Native Americans.

From her personal transcendence, Hortensia teaches, with a focus on conscious exploratory sexual energy, emotions, and health of the physical body. She guides her groups towards awakening sovereignty and embodying their own luminosity.



Shekina Rose

Shekina Rose is best known for her empathic intuitive healing abilities and beautiful angelic activation transmissions in unknown Angelic Language that awakens the Divine Original Blueprint. She is an Angel Messenger, Language of Light Songtress, Sound Healer Practitioner, Channel for the Blue Ray, Intuitive Empath, Angel Medium Clairaudient. Science has analyzed the voice of Shekina Rose and verified that her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio scale of 528 Hz, frequency of Love.

Shekina is a Sister of the Sacred Rose teacher and performs in Concerts, sound Healing Retreats, workshops, events, conducts private sessions, and more. She shares her language of Light ministries on her YouTube channel.  Shekina has four music CDs, Pineal Healing, activators and downloads, and is the Spiritual Psychic Creator of the beautiful Frequency Jewelry Rose Line Venusian Sacred Technology and Devices.

Raquel Spring

Raquel Spring is highly known for her unique methods and multi-dimensional approach to Astrology which allows her to dive deep into the heart and soul of any chart. Her work today includes mentoring, teaching, writing, videos, oracle, retreats, speaking events, and private sessions where she combines technique with spirit, bringing Astrology to many from the eyes of the soul. She is also a Sister of the Sacred Rose.

Are you ready to Reclaim

Your Sacred Divine Feminine Source Self and change your life?


ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $555 (will be $660 April 17th)


*Sedona is a small town and we recommend any hotel or airbnb in the area that suits your needs. 

Our event address is 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336 

For more information on the space, you can visit their website:

*You will receive an email with an itinerary one month before the event.

(provide your correct email, please.)

*Your Paypal receipt is your ticket

*There are no refunds on tickets 15 days before the event

*You are responsible for your transportation, lodging, and meals during this event.

*No children are permitted under 18. 

*No pets allowed.

Thank you kindly for your understanding.

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