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Summer Solstice
Mount Shasta Retreat

Mount Shasta holds the alchemical magic of the universe.

Are you ready to experience mastering alchemy within you through the transition of levels of your process to fulfill your purpose in your divine heart's fullest mastery and potential? If so, we look forward to aligning you to Empower Your Soul Mastery.

Keleena, Raquel, and Janet have come together in co-creation with their own unique qualities in this 5-day/4-night retreat for the long-awaited 2022 Summer Soul-stice.

This retreat is open to women & men.

On Mount Shasta, we have come together to assist you in leveling up your mastery. You will be lodging with us as we work together to help you in knowing & activating your soul work for your personal mastery of your highest potential.

We will join together in unity on magical Mount Shasta for beautiful amplification and connection to and through the energies of the Soul-stice gateway.


All will be guided on the energy amplification in this moment.

You will learn how to utilize this gateway and energy to move forward yourself and all souls, creating unity consciousness in pure divine love for your sisters and brothers of light.


In her Mastery, Keleena will deliver for you:


❇ Activating DNA codes, your higher self is calling in for your personal healing, purification, and cellular memory activation, to shift and level you up for your divine Mastery while balancing your divine feminine and masculine christ (crystalline) consciousness in union.

❇ Walk you through the divine connection of your I AM presence and how to master this presence throughout the day in all your routines as you shift your conscious awareness to being, living, and creating in the present moment.

❇ Help you to reveal to heal your thoughts holding you back from that final step of connecting you to source unity consciousness to surrender and allow your mastery skills to come online

❇ Discovering & Focusing on transitioning the final pieces of fear holding you back from your aligned service work to empower your soul's birth choice and be the best version of your multidimensional divine soul-self in your earthly embodiment now.

Learn more about Keleena here:


In her Mastery, Raquel will deliver for you:

❇ The Venus alignment with the constellation of Pleiades and how this is one of the main signatures of 2022. 

❇ Summer Solstice emphasizes new leaders coming in and is another key signature of 2022.

❇Will study and provide you with your chart to help you understand where and how this signature is being registered for you personally. 

❇ You will find out where and how this influx of energy is happening for you and where you are called to change and take action this year. It will help you be a step ahead of the energies coming and ride the wave that best aligns with your Astrological design.

 Learn more about Raquel here:


In her Mastery, Janet will deliver for you:


❇ Be supported in experiencing and living your highest vibrational expression, welcoming in and using the newest frequencies and guidance realms available to assist you on your journey

❇ Have a conscious, physicalized experience of Oneness and unity consciousness, both internally and externally, to share and co-create in alchemical magic.

❇ Assist your body in its dimensional evolution, integrating your higher levels, and releasing, activating, and purifying in masterful, efficient ways.

❇ Work with and have direct experiences with Source/zero point, practicing how to use pure creation energies to quantumly create.

 Learn more about Janet here:



We are honored to work with you together in a unified effort. We will bring forth our mastery to serve and activate your DNA for all that your higher self is calling in. Plus, you will be activated for the specific codes aligned within your astrological chart. You will receive all you need in each divine moment to Empower Your Soul Mastery. 

 We look forward to being in your divine presence. Please know, that you will leave this retreat transforming and processing the New You. 

 We will gather on Shasta on the soul-stice for a unified event.







This retreat includes a choice of lodging or no lodging and two meals, breakfast & vegan lunch. 

In the later afternoon, you are on your own to discover more of Shasta, and we encourage you to connect with the other attending souls for dinner. 


Arrival at the house on June 18th no earlier than 5:00 PM.

Checkout June 22, no later than 9:30 AM.

 Specific details & itinerary will be sent after you purchase your ticket 14 days before the event. 


Space is limited, and shared bedrooms & baths are assigned.

Please let us know if you are coming as a couple so we may assign your room correctly to a king/queen bed. (there are only two.)

The first 12 persons will be appointed beds; please sign up quickly.  (We are working with the homeowner on the possibility of more beds.) After this, the lofted area above the garage is available to be opened at a different rate, but only when the house is full.

Contact us through email if you are coming with a friend and wish to share a bed with a friend for a discount rate.

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the event.

No pets or children under the age of 18 are allowed.

There are No refunds on tickets 15 days before the event.

All cancellations before 15 days are subject to a $35.00 processing fee.

It will be considered a donation for administration fees & costs, and scholarship funds.

Thank you for your love, support, and understanding. 

Mount Shasta Retreat Raquel Spring Astrology .jpeg