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Raquel Spring Signture



Happy Easter Sunday and Ascension Day! It is time to rise and shine. Today marks a new stage of heart-consciousness on the planet. A new stage of human development, of awareness and of interaction with life that is now available to us, through the heart. The original intention of the Christ frequency, seeded at the beginning of the Age of the Fish (Pisces), now emerges multiplied, amplified, and expressed through many. This powerful evolution of the heart, initiated 2,000 years ago, comes to a peak point today as we usher in the dawning of a new age, and along with it, a new stage of development for mankind. This glorious Ascension of Pisces is celebrated today through the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces, and synchronized with Easter. This intentional alignment creates the necessary venues to infuse all hearts with upgrades in consciousness, as we purposely and collectively take another step toward the Age of Aquarius. Evolution in action. This is truly magnificent! Wow. In deep awe, appreciation, and celebration. Happy Easter.

โค๏ธ Raquel Spring

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