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Raquel Spring Signture

EPIC MOMENTS!! @The 2023 Conscious Life Expo in L.A.

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Thank each and everyone who shared these precious moments with me. Including my dear beloved photographer Robert Waldman. CLE 2024, I will be back!

With love, Raquel.

The 2023 Conscious Life Expo! -L.A.

Warmly invited to be a part of this years’ Astrology Panel!

With Rick Levine, David Palmer (The Leo King), Cameron Allen, Cayelin Castell, and Master Clarice Chan.

We each spoke on the important events of 2023 and beyond.

It was an epic experience, on so many levels.

I was thrilled to be sitting next to the two incredible Astrologers, Rick Levine and David Palmer on this panel.

So much to share… so much to learn.

Thank you Shima Moore for putting together and leading the 2023 Astrology panel.

Special moments..

Rick Levine, Raquel Spring, David Palmer (The Leo King), Shima Moore, Cameron Allen, Cayelin Castell, and Master Clarice Chan.

And honored to be next to these two brilliant minds.

Spontaneous moments

Me trying to ‘act normal’ when prompted by the photographer to look at Rick… no, closer… closer… (that’s all I heard) ok, it felt closer than it looks in the picture

My new favorite Astrologer!

Fun snap shots of my Age of Aquarius presentation!

In complete joy, and flow.

It was EPIC for all of us in there!

So many came to support me, and many new faces joined too, THANK YOU. The room was packed, including with people sitting on the floor and standing up, crammed together to share in the experience! - Next time we get a bigger room

I spoke on the events of 2023, as per the new Age of Aquarius that is interweaving into our reality, and where we are heading next!

Oh, I just light up when I’m with you!

Powerful activations, and Aquarian Age transmissions.

Family, Community.

This is my favorite part… when I get to hug and say hi to you.

Spontaneous activations come through…

Because when the priestess in me calls, I listen, and share.

Dear beloved Alan Steinfeld, was amazing in helping me with my presentation, and introducing me to so many new people at CLE.

It is a beautiful experience for me to meet you online, through our live community events, the Mentorship Program, and private sessions, then to finally meet you in person!! -My 11th house Moon & stellium says YES, I LOVE these moments.


Oooh.. look at these beautiful amethysts!

Tanjila Islam you, my sister, are a ROCKSTAR!

I am proud to be a part of the SoulSearch family and community.

Ooooh the hug!!

Rick explaining to me about the high-tech glove he is trying on..

Yes yes… anything you say Rick

Rick and I geeked out on Astrology every night at the event! Going deep into each other’s charts, world events, future events and just down the rabbit hole with intricate astrology topics.

I am overflowing and complete.

2024, I will be back!

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