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Raquel Spring Signture


Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The week of February 20-27 is highlighted by the 1st of 3 perfections of the USA's Pluto Return during 2022.

This is a powerful moment where timelines and cycles converge and prepare for the transmutation of one era into the birth of another. Because of this we will see many events and experiences culminate this week.

If you are feeling extra tired know that you are currently helping usher in the greatest cycle of death and rebirth the world has ever known. Rest, stay with the heart, even if in pain, watch what is, and breathe your way into peace. Find your center within the hurricane as you ride these cosmic waves.

During this time breath is your ally, silence is your best friend, and nature is your medicine.

What a time to be alive! I love you, happy Pluto Return.

❤️ Raquel Spring

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