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Raquel Spring Signture


Updated: Feb 16, 2022

A glorious Leo Full Moon awaits us tonight. A Moon worthy of our unwavering admiration and astute observation. So much is exploding and overflowing in our lives right now, so much is changing, so much is happening. Of course it is, this Leo Full Moon is strongly connected to the life-changing Total Leo Solar Eclipse of August 2017, revealing yet another layer of events that were seeded then, and have reached a new phase of maturity now, including globally. All you have to do is look at your chart for the last few degrees of Leo, and the first few of Virgo. Which house is that in for you? Chances are, themes around that field of your life are in a state of culmination and very much in focus right now! Additionally, if you have angles or natal planets at 20°Leo - 7°Virgo those archetypes are likely to also be very alive for you.

Another important time to look at is the Leo New Moon of 2021, that happened at the 8/8 Lion’s Gate date. There was a powerful cosmic opening that happened then. Do you remember where you were, and the events connected to that time? Six months later, and here we are, at the Leo Full Moon, and a peak point of fruition of the powerful energies that were seeded then. Now, the chart for tonight’s Leo Full Moon is just brimming and exploding with life, so much is getting done, and the momentum is stronger than ever, thanks to the unstoppable Mars & Venus (& Vesta) conjunction in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, who is accelerating so very much in our charts and lives. Mercury and Pluto conjunct, and trine the North Node, create another vortex of driven focus, and unstoppable power meant to be directed toward the evolution of our soul . Use this momentum wisely, it is a gift offered to accelerate our steps and take us to the next phase of our path.

Exciting things await us.

In spite the momentum of this Leo Full Moon, let us remember the seriousness of the times we are in. We are only days away from the 1st of 3 perfections of the USA’s Pluto Return in 2022. This sobering message is reiterated by the Leo Full Moon tonight, as the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo form a Grand Cross with the Lunar Nodes. A powerfully karmic and fated signature in Astrology! The time has come. Ride the wave, lest you become consumed by it. We are ushering in the new, and it’s just the beginning… HAPPY LEO FULL MOON! ❤️ Raquel Spring. ~°~ References & Resources The 2-Month Hot Conjunction of Mars & Venus: 2022-2023! LUNAR NODES TRANSIT TAURUS & SCORPIO. -Money Power Sex Transform. The Rise of a New Era!

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