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Raquel Spring Signture


I am excited to announce a NEW SEDONA RETREAT June 1-3, 2022.

This is an opportunity to meet and work with me, here in Sedona, along with 3 other powerful women, to reclaim your sacred Divine Feminine!

Most of you know that the Black Moon Lilith has been a core focus of my work, and has only been gaining momentum. In this retreat, I will take you through a deeper journey of the Black Moon Lilith’s wisdom, and personally teach you how to restore the lost source of feminine power from within your womb.

This is an important aspect of our transition this year, and instrumental to the Age of Aquarius coming in.

Shekinah, Hortensia, and Keleena are exceptional women who have dedicated their lives to walking this path with unwavering focus, integrity, and dedication. Throughout the years they have worked deeply with Gaia, planetary grids, bridging cosmic information, healing and activating many throughout the world.

Our work has led us to this point.

Now all 4 of us unite and come together to awaken this new feminine blueprint, that is awakening from the heart of Gaia herself, and resonating within you.

This is about reclaiming your free will, sovereignty, and freedom.

❤️ Raquel Spring. ​​​​​​​ MORE INFORMATION ON SEDONA RETREAT CLICK HERE ~°~ PS - There is an early bird pricing running through Easter!! PPS - We have just secured a home here in Sedona, with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, 2 beds per room, for $120 p/ night, or $60 shared. If you are interested, please email me right away as I know these rooms will go fast :) These rooms have been reserved from Tuesday, May 31st - Saturday, June 4th.

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