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THE CAPRICORN NEW MOON - Planting your heart's desire on the final New Moon of 2022

The Capricorn New Moon offers a powerful opportunity for inner listening and reflection as the Sun crosses the nadir and Solstice point, which astrologically points to a personal time of deeper silence and of emotional awareness.

By the next New Moon the engine will be turned on and the green light given for forward movement, but for now we are called to be still and to listen.

Mars retrograde at its peak has brought to a culmination our emotional and physical reserves, helping us become aware of so much, and as a consequence to ascertain the definite shifts we are ready for.

Chiron's timely station direct offers us a sweet point of release, and allows a deeper layer of healing energies to be anchored into our Capricorn New Moon, and Solstice season.

This is truly the time to go within, and to tap into the resolutions of your soul for the coming cycle of 2023. The soil is dark and perfectly fertile for the genuine intention of your heart to be planted in this magnetic vortex of the Capricorn New Moon. What are you planting?

What is your deepest heart's yearning, as the one voice and the one heart that you represent for the collective? What is your soul's intention for 2023, as you interweave your wishes and your expansion with the greater good and expansion of all of this planet and all of life?

There is a lot to feel into and to meditate on, and this is the time to do it!

I myself am taking this time very seriously, and going within in full honesty in brand new ways, as I allow new layers of truth to be revealed in preparation for the big year of 2023.

I have also chosen to spend this time fully present with friends and loved ones, and to nurture myself during this important window of closure and new beginnings. Because of this, I am skipping my usual New Moon video update, but I will see you soon at our live Full Moon Gathering, happening on January 6. There I will give you all the juicy updates of the powerful energetics we are currently in, as we transition from 2022 to 2023!

There is a lot to share, and it may be 2 hours, instead of our regular 60-90 minute webinar, but I will keep you posted and send an email next week with a free link to register, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I encourage you to spend time with your heart and with the seeds being planted right now. The soil is dark, void of light, and perfectly receptive to the vibrations of your intention. So speak to it now the resolutions of your soul, irrigate it with the gentle tears of your heart, and whisper to it the tales of evolution and of your purpose for the year of 2023.

May your Capricorn New Moon be filled with the deepest silence and peace.

I love you. ~Raquel Spring.


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