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The ECLIPSES of 2023! - 4/15 Workshop

APRIL 15, 2023

The ECLIPSES of 2023!

For those waiting on more news of the Eclipses of 2023, here it is!

Our next workshop is happening this Saturday, and will be a deep dive into the Eclipses of this year.

In this workshop we will explore:

° The 4 different Eclipse energies of the year, and their message as seen through your astrological birth chart

° The ultra-sensitive degrees of Taurus in 2023 ° Introducing Aries and Libra as our Lunar Nodes' new trajectory. You will learn how to connect the dots, and see the bigger picture to interpret what it means for you.

The 4 Eclipse energies we'll cover include: ° Extreme energies of Aries, and the 29° Solar Eclipse! ° The final release of Scorpio!

° The golden moment of Taurus & contracts!

°From Taurus to Libra ~The ultimate statement of Venus!

With guidance on how to use your intuition to interpret their messages, and help you gain a deeper understanding of what this year has in store for you. This workshop is packed with information about the bigger energies at play as seen through The Transformational Eclipses of 2023!

I'm excited to see you soon.


The Transformational Eclipses of 2023:

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