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During this week of the Virgo Full Moon, Jupiter and Neptune begin their 3-month epic conjunction in the sign of Pisces. The last time they did this was in 1856. This is truly a rare and special occasion.

This week brings a great deal of focus to the Pisces & Virgo axis. Pisces is in focus because of Jupiter and Neptune’s long and strong conjunction there. Virgo is in focus because of its polarity to Pisces, and because it is where the Full Moon is taking place this week.

Where is your Pisces-Virgo axis, and do you know what the message is for you?

This week Jupiter and Neptune begin their conjunction in the sign of Pisces. Their conjunction will last from mid-March to mid-May, with special focus on the week of April 8-17. This time will reveal new truths and open doors to Spirit in profound ways. Rapturous upliftment, miracles, revelations, and new spiritual blueprints that are ready to stream from consciousness to experience.

If you listen, you may also notice the glorious surge of Christ Consciousness that accompanies this alignment. This is a special time, and a powerful landmark for the Christ Consciousness frequency broadcasting on the planet to be amplified in a brand-new way. You may feel this as a wave of compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, and spiritual attunement sweeping in.

However, even within this 3-month pocket of spiritual upliftment, when we zoom out, we are reminded of our place in the greater cycle: we are at the heart of a cosmic transition and a great global shift.

Greater forces are parenting our rhythm and relationship to the cosmos, just as they always have been, and within it, overseeing our evolution into self-awareness.

It is always important to remember the greater context of the sobering times we are in, but within it to also be aware of the windows of cosmic support that are available to us.

During the next 3 months you may feel a sense of renewed truth, a rekindled vision, or a new calling that is birthing in your heart. Of course, only your birth chart will reveal the unique contract you have with this alignment, but as a general reference, July and August will open another window for this same seed to be birthed from your heart and into fuller purpose in your life.

Yet even within this rare and special conjunction, lies a shadow aspect that squares the Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipses of 2021, and is also where the Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is currently traversing.

In my new video update I explain more about the light and shadow aspects of this conjunction, and share advice on how you can prepare and make the most of this time altogether. See link below.

In the meantime, as we approach the Virgo Full Moon, I invite you to become aware of this powerful frequency that is now rising, bear witness to the new blueprint of Christ Consciousness that is emerging, not in a religious sense, but literally as the consciousness of Christ, now multiplied and amplified through many.

Surrender to new truths and allow them to serve as the new foundations for this next stage of 2022, in service of Creation and the evolution of life.

I love you.

Raquel Spring


More Information:

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