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Raquel Spring, 4th generation Astrologer, is a luminary who stands at the forefront of the new evolutionary paradigm of Aquarian Consciousness as a speaker, teacher, and guide, through her visionary contributions within Astrology and conscious communities around the world.

The Mentorship Program

for Embodied Astrology

Mentorship Program

2 Live Workshops / month

Weekly Audio Boosters with Astrology updates of important transits & opportunities

Live Q&A and mentoring

Transmissions, and spiritual guidance with Raquel Spring


+ more!

Upcoming Live Workshop:
March 2, 2024


Free for members or buy a one-time pass to reserve your seat!


"More than a language, Astrology is an intelligent system designed to help us understand the structure of cycles, and the nature of our creations within them."

Free Monthly full moon gatherings

Our monthly Full Moon gatherings are a free and sacred offering and invitation from Raquel to you - to join her and her beautiful community in circle and receive guidance and support on how to navigate the full moon energies being activated for the month.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive access. We welcome you to our community!

Countdown to our next Live Full Moon gathering

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Age of Aquarius


coming soon

Learn Astrology




Raquel Spring


Raquel Spring Blog


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"Awaken your potential and
know your purpose with Astrology"

Upcoming Events

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"I teach Astrology for evolution and freedom."

Join our next Live Workshop!


March 2, 2024

8:30 AM PT

Free for members

or buy a one-time pass.


"This is about you, and your journey to freedom."

Self-Study astrology

With a complete library of pre-recorded content, you can choose to explore key Foundational concepts such as Astrological Archetypes (zodiac signs and houses), Aspects (the language of the planets); or go more in depth with our Advanced series such as Synthesizing (putting all the pieces together to read the chart as a whole) and Transits (interpreting the influence of transiting planets on the natal chart).

Or maybe you want to go Beyond the Planets and learn how to weave in the magic of Asteroids or key astrological points (such as Chiron and Black Moon Lilith) to look deeper at your chart.

Each of these sets is a goldmine of Raquel's most in-depth teachings yet!  You can decide to pick and choose the sets or purchase them all with the Full Astrological Set.

The Full Set_edited.jpg

The Full Set: $997

Learn the A - Z of Astrology! Purchase the entire library of webinars and workshops.

Archetypes NEW COVER.png

Archetypes: $343

Take a deep dive into the psychology and essence of the houses, signs, & planets


Aspects: $133

Explore how planets communicate and interact with one another through aspects.

Synthesizing NEW COVER.png

Synthesizing: $282

Master the art of reading charts to give powerful and meaningful interpretations.

The Language of Transits.png

Language of Transits: $157

Discover the influence of the transiting planets on the natal chart.

Advanced Transits.png

Advanced Transits: $187

Learn specific steps to track transits and take your readings to a whole new level.

The Lunar Nodes.png

Lunar Nodes: $133

Discover how to unveil fate, destiny, soul gifts, and karma in the natal chart. 

Beyond the Planets.png

Beyond the Planets: $79

Explore the power of asteroids Black Moon Lilith to bring depth to your chart. 

The Asteroids.png

Asteroids: $33

Meet 4 powerful asteroids that represent different faces of your feminine power.


Chiron: $33

Discover Chiron - an asteroid that illuminates your deepest wounds.

Black Moon Lilith.png

Black Moon Lilith: $33

Uncover your greatest untapped power and potential with Black Moon Lilith.

How to Work with Lunar Returns 2a.png

Lunar Returns

Explore the influence of the transiting moon on your natal blueprint.


"To me, looking at a chart is a deep spiritual experience"

Book Your Session

Here you will experience one of the deepest journeys of your life, as together we will dive deep to decode your personal blueprint.
Know with confidence your mission and purpose, as we map the path of your soul.


"You are a fractal of the Universe.
Know the Cosmos, know yourself!"


My mission is to help you know your truth and embody your purpose.


"I am here to inspire you to tap into your core TRUTH with clarity and confidence, and to help align you with your highest potential for growth, evolution, and freedom!"

Updates, inspiration, guidance. 


"I teach Astrology not for the fleeting gratification of the mind, but for the eternal fulfillment of the soul. I am here to guide you in discovering your true Self, and to help you know who you are, why you are here, and where you are going next."

Age of Aquarius

coming soon


"I am here to teach embodiment, purpose, and freedom"

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