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A new voice to Astrology,
& a leader of the Divine Feminine rising! 

 Tanjila Islam, Founder of 

Global Online Platform for Spirituality & Consciousness 

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Hi, I'm Raquel Spring,

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

My mission is to activate your truth and help you embody your purpose in this New Age of Aquarius. 


Whether through astrology, retreats, workshops, 1:1 sessions, lectures & presentations, my passion is to help you understand your soul's essence and anchor your purpose in this new age of spiritual consciousness and authentic expression.

I am here to inspire you to tap into your core TRUTH with clarity and confidence, and to help align you with your highest potential for growth, evolution, and freedom!

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Join me and our global community for our monthly Full Moon gatherings! 

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“Yes you are here to help others, to heal the planet, and to be of service, but ultimately you are here to RISE.  -This journey is really about you, and the evolution of your soul into freedom.”  Raquel Spring

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