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for Embodied Astrology


1. Free access to all our Live Workshops, Bonuses, and Community Events: Immerse yourself in live workshops, take advantage of special bonuses, and community events.

2. Immediate and lifetime access to our archive of 2023 & 2024 Transits workshops: Gain instant and ongoing access to our rich archive of workshops covering the 2023–2024 Transits. These workshops allow you to explore and deepen your astrological knowledge at your own pace.

3. Weekly Audio Boosters: A NEW AUDIO sent to your email every Sunday, with astrology-based news, updates, and guidance for the week ahead!

4. Two new workshops every month: Stay up to par with the Astrological Transits of each month as you are guided, step by step, through the energies of 2024!

5. Mentor with Raquel Spring & Be Your Own Astrologer: Benefit from mentorship and guidance from renowned astrologer Raquel Spring, and develop your own astrological skills to become your own astrologer.

6. Meet and connect with other Astrologers: Enjoy a nurturing and inclusive environment to forge connections with fellow astrologers within our community and foster a supportive network as you share your own questions, insights, and life experiences.

7. Questions, practice, journaling prompts, & action steps: Receive thought-provoking prompts and questions that encourage self-reflection, and provide opportunities for practical application of astrological concepts throughout the week.

Take a look inside the mentorship program:



The MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PLAN consists of  2 LIVE WORKSHOPS per month, plus weekly AUDIO BOOKSTERS that offer ongoing support with key astrological transits and spiritual energies of each week.

Here's a deeper look into all the offerings of The Mentorship Program:

First Workshop of the Month

In the first live workshop of the month, Raquel provides an in-depth perspective of the astrological forecast of the month, with a focus on the heart, soul, and essence of the energies, as well as the psychological and evolutionary functions of the transits. 

In addition to pointing out the most important transits of the month, Raquel also guides you to locate the important landmarks in your chart, so you can know what to look for and be supported in interpreting these same energies in your own chart. 

Second Workshop of the Month

The second live workshop titled "Astrology in Action - Practice & Mentoring" features a unique astrological topic each month that is designed to deepen your practice with astrology, and introduce you to new astrological techniques through case studies, Q&A's, and practice exercises that further your confidence and skills in reading charts.


Another special feature of this workshop is the opportunity that students have to receive personal mentoring with Raquel Spring. Be they personal, spiritual, evolutionary, or astrological questions, such as the transits of each month, during this time students bring their questions for deeper mentoring and guidance for each.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or beyond, there will be something valuable awaiting you each month. 

See below our Workshop Line-Up for 2024!

Weekly Audio Boosters

In addition to the 2 Live Workshops per month, students also receive in their email Weekly Audio Boosters that offer key astrological updates and transits for each week. This includes windows of opportunity and moments of action through specific guidance, and a plan of action for the week ahead.

Raquel Spring Astrology Energy Weekly Booster Audio Update

"The Weekly Audio Boosters are spot on every week! It's like having a private consultation with you."  - F.G. (Student of The Mentorship Program)

A personal invitation from Raquel:

​Here's what you'll receive inside The Mentorship Program:

  • Two Live Classes / Month:

    • Live 1: Lecture on the powerful 2024 astrological transits​ tracked month by month. This big workshop is also sold separately as a one-time-pass. It focuses on one of the main astrological themes of the moment. With updates and guidance around the energies of each month. 

    • Live 2: Astrology in Action: a series of hands-on workshops, to go deeper into the topic of the month. A warm and intimate setting to share charts and hearts, and to practice how to read the transits together.


    • Weekly and monthly guidance on key astrological and energy updates, so you can strategically plan ahead and make the most out of the opportunities in your week 


    • A chance to ask Raquel your questions live during class Q&A and receive personalized mentoring, guidance, and support based on your natal chart

    • An opportunity to network with other aspiring astrologers and learn within a supportive community


    • Immediate lifetime access to full archive of previous Transits Workshops 

    • Weekly Audio Boosters: 30 minutes of astrological and spiritual updates sent to your email on the transits and opportunities of each week.

Are you ready to step into this year ahead and begin a new chapter with authenticity, boldness, and freedom?


Select your Membership Plan:

Raquel Spring Join Mentorship Program
Raquel Spring Join Mentorship Community

Our Workshop Lineup for 2024:

January Workshops

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-04 at 2.35.00 PM.jpeg

The Great Awakening of 2024

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-16 at 10.14.06 PM.jpeg

Astrology in Action - A Look at 2024!

February Workshops

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-01 at 5.21.59 PM.jpeg

The Year the Dragon Dawns

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-16 at 10.14.07 PM.jpeg

Astrology in Action - Unveiling Death in Charts

March Workshops

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-27 at 3.32.13 PM.jpeg

Lunar Eclipse: Relationship Revolutions

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-16 at 10.14.08 PM.jpeg

Astrology in Action: Tales of Pluto in Aquarius

April Workshops


Solar Eclipse: Shake-ups & Breakthroughs


Astrology in Action: Eclipses of 2024 Unleashed in Your Chart

May Workshops

May - Jupiter  Uranus.png

Jupiter & Uranus: The Grand Finale in Taurus!


Astrology in Action: A Time to Move On? 

June Workshops

June - Jupiter in Gemini.png

Jupiter in Gemini: A New Age Begins!


Astrology in Action: Your Next Chapters

July Workshops

July - Your Crossroads with Destiny.png

Your Crossroads with Destiny


Astrology in Action: How Navigate Key Choices

August Workshops

The Saturn Jupiter Square.png

The Saturn Jupiter Square: Shifts in Society


Astrology in Action: Radical Revolutions of Your Purpose

September Workshops


1st Lunar Eclipse in Pisces! Threshold!


Astrology in Action: Graduating - New Purpose

October Workshops


The Libra Solar Eclipse - Your New Purpose!


Astrology in Action: Your Eclipse Messages

November Workshops


The Scorpio New Moon: A New Society Dawns!


Astrology in Action: Bold New Steps Towards Your New Purpose

December Workshops


Mars Retrograde in Leo: A New Paradigm for 2025!


Astrology in Action: Awakening Your Rebirth in 2025!

Join us for our next Live Workshop with a one-time pass and see if The Mentorship Program is right for you!

August - The Saturn Jupiter Square.png


Do I need to know Astrology?

While it is helpful to know at least a little Astrology it is not necessary, as our videos and audios are designed to speak to anyone who is seeking expansion, support, and growth with the energies ahead.

I want to learn Astrology. Do you have Astrology lessons that can teach me your Astrology style and techniques?

Yes. There is a whole series of videos available for purchase separately where you can learn how to use Astrology and read charts. You can choose one set at a time, or the "Full Set" which is all videos available in one package. Self-Study Astrology:

Are the Weekly Audio Boosters only for those who have knowledge of Astrology?

Anyone that needs guidance and wants to receive astrological and energy updates for the week ahead can enjoy and benefit from these audios. No knowledge of Astrology is needed

Are the Workshop Videos and Audio Boosters stored somewhere?

Yes, all Workshops and Audio Boosters are stored in your Mentorship Program and organized by month. You can go back and watch or listen to them any time you want.

What if I can't join live?

Each video and audio is stored in your Mentorship Platform so you can watch and listen at your own convenience. If you have questions or things to share, you can send it to and I will address them at our next workshop.

Are the Live Workshops and Weekly Audio Boosters in the Mentorship Program for Embodied Astrology a place where I can learn Astrology with you?

While The Mentorship Program for Embodied Astrology is a place that aims to provide regular updates and support for each week, every Live Workshop, and each Weekly Audio Booster, will inevitably help you get more familiar with Astrology. Whether you are beginner or experienced astrologer, as we dive deep into the heart and essence of each topic, your knowledge of Astrology and your ability to use it will increase significantly. However, for tailor-made Astrology lessons please refer to our Self-Study Astrology Library:

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can unsubscribe anytime by going into your PayPal account and cancelling recurring payments.

How are the Weekly Audio Boosters accessed?

A new Weekly Audio Booster is sent to your email every weekend. You then have the ability to listen to it straight from your account, or you can download it as an mp3 file.

Are the videos and audios downloadable?

Yes, all videos of our Live Workshops and Weekly Audio Boosters are downloadable.

Do the videos need to be watched in order?

No, each video is its own separate topic and can be watched independently from the rest of the workshops.

Are you ready to step into this year ahead and begin a new chapter with authenticity, boldness, and freedom?


Select your Membership Plan:

Raquel Spring Join Mentorship Program
Raquel Spring Join Mentorship Community

"I have watched numerous astrologers, and most state the same thing. Raquel Spring is the only astrologer that makes my light bulbs, bells, and whistles go off, spiking my curiosity for more. I always feel more knowledgable after watching every video. What an amazing gift."

- Tiffiney P.

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