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"People are catching on to the fact

that there is a lot more to Astrology than weekly forecasts.

My objective is to turn people

on to the intelligence behind

this system and enable them to

start using it on their own.

My passion and purpose is

to bring the wisdom back into Astrology, and be a voice for the intelligence through which

this system operates.”   

- Raquel Spring



Raquel Spring is a 4th generation Astrologer, known for her unique methods and multi-dimensional approach to Astrology which allows her to dive deep into the heart and soul of any chart.

Based out of Sedona, AZ her work today includes mentoring, teaching, writing, media, retreats, speaking events, and private sessions, where she combines technique with spirit, bringing Astrology to many from the eyes of the soul.

Raquel Spring has collaborated and contributed to TV, articles, Astrologer's conference, and magazines Including:


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Raquel Spring

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