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Raquel Spring About

World-Renowned 4th Generation Astrologer and Mystic

Raquel Spring is a world-renowned fourth-generation astrologer and mystic, celebrated for her unique expertise, which sets her apart in the field, and empowers her to guide leaders toward their path of purpose, destiny, and freedom.

As an international speaker and leader, Raquel Spring integrates a diverse range of skills into global retreats and visionary leadership programs. Her expertise includes counseling, NLP, social and modern psychology, physiognomy, graphology, micro-expressions, nonverbal communication, and esoteric systems. She also serves as the Life Purpose Head at Qineticare, the world-acclaimed Family Health Office (FHO) that is transforming the status quo by supporting future owners and leaders to thrive across generations.

With her signature programs like The Mentorship Program for Embodied Astrology, Awaken Your Dragon, and the Path of The Priestess Raquel fosters awakened awareness and provides investment opportunities for emerging leaders worldwide.



"My mission is to help you align with your truth and embody your purpose through visionary leadership.

Whether through astrology, retreats, workshops, programs, podcasts, private sessions, lectures & presentations, my passion is to guide you in understanding the essence of your soul's direction as you anchor your purpose in this new age of consciousness and authentic expression.

I am here to inspire you to tap into your core truth with clarity and confidence, and to align with your highest potential for growth, evolution, and freedom."  - Raquel Spring 

Raquel Spring
Raquel Spring
Raquel Spring
Raquel Spring
Raquel Spring
Raquel Spring

"The Path of Freedom is not a book, it's not a technique, it's my story."

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"Raquel is a New-Paradigm Evolutionary & Revolutionary Astrologer!"

- Alan Steinfeld, Author, Speaker, Producer, Researcher of Consciousness

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