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"My Astrological work is designed for those who are ready to dive deep into the heart soul and essence of any chart, and to understand the psychological and evolutionary functions of themselves and of others.

I live and breathe Astrology, and through it I help and guide others through the Greater Evolution that is taking place."

- Raquel Spring


Raquel is a 4th Generation Astrologer and a powerful container for the divine feminine rising. An expert in the Black Moon Lilith and the Aquarian Age, blending the art and science of Astrology to map the soul. 

Based out of Sedona, AZ today she serves to mentor and guide humanity's transition into the greater evolution that is taking place. 

Her work includes teaching, writing, media, private sessions, retreats, speaking & other events where she combines technique with spirit, bringing Astrology and awareness to many from the eyes of the soul.

Raquel Spring has collaborated and contributed to TV, articles, conferences, and magazines including:


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