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Raquel Spring Signture

Book Your Session - More than Just an astrology session

More than just an 'astrology session', what I offer is a deep spiritual journey, and a transformational experience into the TRUTH of your soul. 

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My mission is to help you find clarity and purpose in your every experience.
During our session you will receive powerful transmissions, soul guidance, answers to your questions, and personalized advice, tailored to your unique chart. Let's dive deep into the roots of your being, as we use Astrology to unlock your truth and map the path of your soul.

Raquel Spring Natal Chart image


60-90 minutes 

Pricing Inquiry: CLICK HERE

If you are wondering where to begin, this is it!

The Natal Chart is the starting point and foundation for all other Astrological charts to follow.

This session is filled with powerful activations, a-ha moments, and insights into who you really are, and the essence of your journey here. 

Your Natal Chart will reveal soul memories from past lives, and how they tie into the 'hunger of your soul' in this lifetime in its quest for evolution and freedom. This time together will shine a new light on your path, purpose, and mission here.

If you are ready to open your eyes, and understand yourself on a deep, deep level, the Natal Session is it!

Charts used for this session:


Raquel Spring Astrology Transits Solar Return image


60-90 minutes

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This session is complimentary to the Natal Chart session and is designed to help you understand the energies and events happening now and in your future. 


For maximum benefit, I strongly recommend that you schedule this session after having a Natal Session with me, which helps first create an important foundation of your truth and purpose. This in turn enables you to better understand your Transits and Solar Return, and the choices you have to make with greater clarity, confidence, and ease.


The Solar Return is a great session to have around the time of your birthday as it will prepare you for your new year ahead!

Transits can be used at any time of the year, (not just birthday) to gain a better understanding of your current and future energies as well as the events and dates for them.



Charts used for this session:

Progressed, Transits, Solar Return

Raquel Spring Natal Chart Astrology Transits


Are you indecisive about which session to choose?

Would you like to know about BOTH your natal blueprint AND your upcoming events?

The 2 in 1 will combine all charts in one session.

This is a power-packed session with a lot of information, so come ready to receive!
In this session I study all of your charts, and carefully interweave them to present you an overall picture of your natal blueprint, AND of your upcoming energies/events for the next 1-2 year/s ahead.


The 2 in 1 is cost-effective, and a great option for those seeking immediate guidance. 
For a deeper dive and greater
benefit I recommend exploring both Natal Chart and Transits/Solar Return separately.


Charts used for this session:

Natal, Progressed, Transits, Solar Return

2 in 1, NATAL CHART &


90-120 MINUTES

Pricing Inquiry: CLICK HERE

Raquel Spring Astrology Relationship Couple Reading Session


Every person that enters your life can be seen in your chart.


This is the study of two charts and two people, whether they be a twin flame, soul mate, family member, child, friend, boss, co-worker, business partner, lover, whatever your connection is, if you want to understand the deeper meaning behind your connection and the potential you have together this is it!

In this session I will study the charts of any two people, individually and then combined, to help you understand the other on a much deeper level and through the eyes of the soul, so that you can support each other throughout your time together.

We will take a look at past lives together, as well as the deeper meaning behind your meeting here, so that you can understand your highest potential together, how you can best connect, relate, and then create on any level.

I will also help you understand your next cycles of 1-2 years so that you can compassionately support each other, and find greater ease and purpose in your time together.

This session can be conducted with one or both people present.


Charts used for this session:

Natal, Progressed, Transits, Solar Return, Synastry, Composite


2-3 hours

Pricing Inquiry: CLICK HERE


"To me, looking at a chart is a deep spiritual experience"

Book your reading

Please fill out the form below and my assistant will contact you soon after to choose a date to meet with me.

You have the option to have them in-person, through zoom, or through a pre-recorded video that you can watch later and at your own convenience. All options are recorded and sent to you immediately after.


Did you know that your Astrology chart will change with every 4 minutes of difference?

For precision and accuracy, I need exact date, time, and place of birth as per your birth certificate. If you do not have access to your registered time of birth, please order a copy of your birth certificate online with time of birth in the document.

Chart Reading Booking Form

Thank you!

We will be in touch with you soon to answer any questions and to schedule!

Refunds are not offered once booked and paid for.

If you need to reschedule you may do so for free up until 24 hours of your scheduled session.

Failure to show up, or rescheduling within 24 hours of session, will incur a fee of 50% of your paid session to honor my schedule and time.

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