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for Embodied Astrology


With a complete library of pre-recorded content, you can choose to explore key foundational astrological concepts such as ARCHETYPES and get to know the heart, the soul, and the essence of each archetype as seen through the evolutionary lens of the Sun, Moon and planets, the 12 zodiac signs, and the 12 houses. You may be drawn to ASPECTS, a set that teaches you the language between planets. Or you may feel bold and choose a more Advanced series such as SYNTHESIZING a place to help you connect the dots and pieces, to read the chart as a whole. Or you may complement it with TRANSITS and ADVANCED TRANSITS an in-depth advanced teaching you how to read and interpret the influence of transiting planets on the natal chart.

Maybe you will want to go BEYOND THE PLANETS and learn about the mystery of The Lunar Nodes in your natal chart, and know your destiny and the path of your purpose in this lifetime, or weave in the magic of Asteroids and key astrological figures, such as Chiron and Black Moon Lilith, to take a deeper journey with your chart.

Each set is a goldmine of Raquel's most in-depth teachings yet!  
You can decide to pick and choose one or more sets, or purchase THE FULL SET which contains all the sets and videos on this page.

The Full Set_edited.jpg

The Full Set: $997

Learn the A - Z of Astrology! Purchase the entire library of webinars and workshops.

Archetypes NEW COVER.png

Archetypes: $343

Take a deep dive into the psychology and essence of the houses, signs, & planets


Aspects: $133

Explore how planets communicate and interact with one another through aspects.

Synthesizing NEW COVER.png

Synthesizing: $282

Master the art of reading charts to give powerful and meaningful interpretations.

The Language of Transits.png

Language of Transits: $157

Discover the influence of the transiting planets on the natal chart.

Advanced Transits.png

Advanced Transits: $187

Learn specific steps to track transits and take your readings to a whole new level.

The Lunar Nodes.png

Lunar Nodes: $133

Discover how to unveil fate, destiny, soul gifts, and karma in the natal chart. 

Beyond the Planets.png

Beyond the Planets: $79

Explore the power of asteroids Black Moon Lilith to bring depth to your chart. 

The Asteroids.png

Asteroids: $33

Meet 4 powerful asteroids that represent different faces of your feminine power.


Chiron: $33

Discover Chiron - an asteroid that illuminates your deepest wounds.

Black Moon Lilith.png

Black Moon Lilith: $33

Uncover your greatest untapped power and potential with Black Moon Lilith.

How to Work with Lunar Returns 2a.png

Lunar Returns

Explore the influence of the transiting moon on your natal blueprint.

Special Edition Workshops


Unveiling Death in Charts: $44.44

Duration: 3+ hours

In this groundbreaking workshop we explore a very sensitive but important topic: The study of Death in Charts. Through case studies of our own student's examples, we dive deep into various astrological exit points, and the most important factors at play throughout the charts of people as they transition.


"I have watched numerous astrologers, and most state the same thing. Raquel Spring is the only astrologer that makes my light bulbs, bells, and whistles go off, spiking my curiosity for more. I always feel more knowledgable after watching every video. What an amazing gift."

- Tiffiney P.

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