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Raquel Spring Signture


Raquel Spring Astrology Archetypes Planets 12 Signs 12 Houses


Price: $343

13 videos; 12 audios (23+ hours total)

This set includes a deep dive into:

  • An introduction to the Archetypes

  • Aries - Mars - 1st House 

  • Taurus - Venus - 2nd House

  • Gemini - Mercury - 3rd House

  • Cancer - Moon - 4th House

  • Leo - Sun - 5th House

  • Virgo - Mercury - 6th House

  • Libra - Venus - 7th House

  • Scorpio - Pluto - 8th House

  • Sagittarius - Jupiter - 9th House

  • Capricorn - Saturn - 10th House

  • Aquarius - Uranus - 11th House

  • Pisces - Neptune - 12th House

  • 12 bonus audios on the heart, soul, and essence of the archetypes

This foundational series provides a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the heart, soul, and essence of the planets, signs, and houses - a critical starting point to mastering more complex astrological techniques and analyses.

While learning so many different astrological concepts can seem daunting, Raquel simplifies this process by combining planets, houses, and signs of similar traits into the 12 Archetypes, which are each in turn explored in depth. Each lecture explores the mundane aspects of the archetypes as well as their soul and evolutionary purpose. 

The Archetypes are the most important important piece in astrology.  Having a solid foundation in the understanding of the signs, planets, and houses can help you make meaningful interpretations when reading a chart.

This set also comes with 12 bonus audio recordings with a deeper exploration into the psychology of the archetypes, to further understand the planets, houses, and signs through a different lens.

If you are series about learning astrology, this is one set you don't want to miss!


Click below for a preview of the set:


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