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Empower your astrological truth and soul's purpose.

Raquel Spring Dragon Art

A New Paradigm

The Year of the Dragon is here to support your leadership, your voice, your ability to take confident and relaxed action in this new paradigm of sovereignty and freedom. 

Raquel Spring Dragon Art

The Breath of Fire

Take a deep breath and feel the essence of FIRE, the breath of the Dragon inside of you. Breathe that in. This fire, the fire of the dragon that is arising now in this year of 2024, is your power, your sovereign power that is here just in time to help you step into a new beginning.

Raquel Spring Dragon Art


The Year of The Dragon is here to open the door to a new human archetype. Dragons hold your keys to magic, power, and authentic authority.

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Awaken The Dragon Art Collection

This art is designed to support your journey of Awakening the Dragon and Activating your Purpose throughout 2024!


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Raquel Spring Astrology

February 2024 Collection

3 FREE Dragon Art Activations

Free Meditation

Step Into Your Purpose As The Year of the Dragon Dawns

This meditation is designed to integrate the new Dragon frequencies so you can step authentically into your power and sovereignty in 2024.


"I teach Astrology not for the fleeting gratification of the mind, but for the eternal fulfillment of the soul. I am here to guide you in discovering your true Self, and to help you know who you are, why you are here, and where you are going next. I teach Astrology for evolution and freedom."

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