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Raquel Spring Signture

Aquarius Season, Aquarius Power.

Welcome the Sun into the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is progressive, innovative, original, and independent,

Aquarius represents the cosmos, the ethers, and the electric mind of god, pouring forth information to the collective consciousness.

When Aquarius season begins, the energies pick up.

For most, this has been a time where strong energies have been picking up. Remember, that we are also at a time when the transiting Black Moon Lilith is awakening the Gemini Solar Eclipse of June 2021, meaning that the Black Moon Lilith energies are at a peak right now, and would explain the many faces of Black Moon Lilith that have been recently coming to light in yourself, and in others.

In addition to Black Moon Lilith and Eclipse’s energies, the voltage was increased within the 24-hour period of the Full Moon in Cancer, Uranus’ station direct, and the lunar nodes shift into Taurus & Scorpio. Oddly enough, this also coincided with unexpected geomagnetic storms and 5g being turned on.

Many of you have been feeling this amplification of energy on multiple levels.

More than ever, it is important to make the time to meditate and be in the heart, regularly. Every time you feel contracted, and you notice your breath is shallow, stop everything and make it a priority to come back to the heart, back to the breath, back to awareness. Being in the heart should feel warm, peaceful, relaxing, and expansive.

The energies will remain big as we open the season of Aquarius, and along with it the sizzling-hot, 2-month conjunction, of Mars and Venus.

This conjunction will fiercely awaken and vigorously energize parts of your chart and areas of your life.

My next workshop will focus on this event. There I will help you understand more about the passionate 2-month conjunction of Mars and Venus.

More information here:

With Aquarius now in focus, we may see new facets of the Aquarius age coming in. An acceleration of transformation and awareness taking place as we open up to new ways of thinking and of living in this new cycle.

For me, it’s always helpful to know of the bigger cosmic signatures at play. It helps me understand my situation and myself as a creator, as well as my choices, and their potentials.

Remember, we are also at an epic time with the USA’s Pluto Return and there is much more that is happening in the greater scheme of things.

To learn more, see below.

We have all been growing into new forms of awareness and being left with no choice but to find love, find peace, as we carry ourselves and the world through this cycle of transformation.

With LOVE,

Raquel Spring


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