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Raquel Spring Signture


Raquel Spring Advanced Astrology Transits

Advanced Transits

Price: $187

7 videos (19+ hours total)

This set explores:

  • Understanding astrology in action from a professional lens

  • The precise steps to track the timing of transits 

  • How to interpret the chart as a whole

  • How to use intuition to feel into a chart

  • Numerous chart examples where Raquel guides you step-by-step in her exact sequence of analyzing charts

The Advanced Series is perfect for intermediate astrologers that want to explore the deeper aspects of the chart and learn how to read the natal chart through a professional lens. It includes a goldmine of incredible tips, secrets and Raquel’s very own 9-step process to tracking the timing of transits to start making predictions.

Each lecture includes numerous chart examples (both natal and transits), where Raquel guides you through each step of blending intuition, skill, and technique to decode the chart on an energetic, psychological, and evolutionary level. You will also learn how to work with aspect grids which can provide a more personalized experience with each planet.  


This powerful series will give you a practical hands-on approach to interpreting and presenting chart readings.

Here's a preview of this set:

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