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Here you will find all 24 Live Workshops of 2024!
Access one or more individually, or enjoy them ALL FOR FREE by joining The Mentorship Program membership plan.

January Workshops

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The Great Awakening of 2024

Since 2020, we have been furiously working through lifetimes of contracts and entanglements. Now closure is here and 2024 finally reveals the first few signs of a new dawn and a significant window for new energies to come in!

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Astrology in Action - A Look at 2024!

In this workshop, Raquel demonstrates how to read the transiting energies of the month and answers questions.

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~

February Workshops

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The Year the Dragon Dawns

The Year of the Dragon 2024 finally reveals the dawn of a new power, and a significant pathway for new energies to come in! This is truly a time to step forward with Dragon energies into new light, and a new life. 

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Astrology in Action - Unveiling Death in Charts

In this groundbreaking workshop we explore a very sensitive but important topic through numerous case studies: The study of Death in Charts. 

This workshop is free for members and available for purchase for non-members. To purchase separately, see page "Self Study"

March Workshops

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Lunar Eclipse: Relationship Revolutions

This workshop dives deep into the transformational energies of the Libra Lunar Eclipse and its themes of new relationship dynamics with self, values, and others.

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Astrology in Action: Tales of Pluto in Aquarius

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


April Workshops

April - Solar Eclipse_ Shake ups & Breakthroughs (2).png

Solar Eclipse: Shake-ups & Breakthroughs

This is a time for your vision to be purified, and invigorated with the breath of new life! This workshop takes you on a journey of healing and activation into your purpose. This fiery Solar Eclipse is charged and full of surprises! Expect things to speed up, something new wants to happen in your life.

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Astrology in Action: Eclipses of 2024 Unleashed in Your Chart

Receive in-depth guidance and personal mentoring on the Eclipse energies in your chart. This is a time to ask questions, explore chart examples, and openly share your thoughts in a cozy and private community setting.


~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~

May Workshops

May - Jupiter & Uranus (2).png

Jupiter & Uranus: The Grand Finale in Taurus!

The month of May speaks of a critical ending of old values. This means that numerous aspects of your life may be breaking down, undergoing dissolution, and preparing for swift change and breakthroughs!

Join me as I guide you through the groundbreaking and life-changing energies of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Taurus. This cosmic alignment is poised to catalyze revolutions, upheavals, and create profound breakthroughs in your life!


Astrology in Action: A Time to Move On?

Are you ready to move on? 

Let's take a deep dive into the areas of your personal chart and life that are, at this moment, beckoning you toward completion and breakthrough. Here is where you and I get to journey and mentor together as we look at the energies that are alive in your chart and in your life. This is a place for your voice to be heard and your questions to be answered as we connect in this warm and intimate community setting.

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


June Workshops

June - Jupiter in Gemini.png

Jupiter in Gemini: A New Age Begins!

Jupiter in Gemini sets the stage for the new show of Aquarius to begin, and ushers in a new age of information technology and expanded consciousness!
June's Summer Solstice heralds the beginning of something new. Let's find out how, and understand its impact on your relationships and visions moving forward.


Astrology in Action: Your Next Chapters

In this warm and intimate community setting, you are welcomed to share your heart, chart, and questions. Together we will dive deep, as you receive answers, mentoring, and guidance based on the energies of Jupiter in Gemini in your chart. Let's find out how and why they are impacting your life, and what new beginnings are in store for you.

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


July Workshops

July - Your Crossroads with Destiny.png

Your Crossroads with Destiny

July marks another pivotal moment in 2024! This remarkable month begins with Neptune stationing retrograde, leading to the ultimate collapse of the old world's curtains, and of old perceptions that are ready for graduation and completion. The rose-colored glasses are ready to come off  and Neptune's station retrograde beckons you to confront truth and your spiritual path in a new way. But what does all of this mean for you, and where can you expect to face  a radical crossroads with your destiny?



Astrology in Action: How Navigate Key Choices

Where are the veils of illusions lifting for you, and how do you go about navigating key choices? Let's go deeper together, while we reflect on what your chart reveals about the graduations and completions that are happening in your life. Here I will help you learn about and reflect on the important areas of your life that are calling for dissolution, graduation, and mutation.

In this quiet space I will take you on a beautiful healing journey of important endings that may be happening in your life, as we look at the astrological alignments for the month of July, and understand about the energy of dissolution and graduation through the 12 houses. 

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


August Workshops

The Saturn Jupiter Square.png

The Saturn Jupiter Square: Shifts in Society

The month of August, and New Moon in Leo stirs social unrest, while Jupiter begins a long square with Saturn and instigates foundational and structural shifts.
This is the time to get real with your true vision, and Mercury retrograde in Virgo /Leo will show you where you might be holding yourself back during this time.

Meanwhile, Mars arrives in Gemini just in time to give Jupiter, and your Gemini house a boost, accelerating key events and expanding your consciousness.


Astrology in Action: Radical Revolutions of Your Purpose

In this private community setting, you are invited to share your heart, your chart, and your questions as you engage in a more profound exploration with me. Here, you will receive answers, mentoring, and guidance on the energies that are in conflict in your chart, and the new chapters that are awakening for you. Let's study your Gemini house as we identify the points of tension, conflict, choice, and action in your chart. Additionally, we'll uncover the natural flow of where seeds are ready to be planted and grow next.

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


September Workshops


1st Lunar Eclipse in Pisces! Threshold!

September highlights a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces! This Eclipse marks the beginning of a series of Virgo and Pisces Eclipses, rendering it particularly significant. Are you ready to understand the aspects of your life that are concluding, and preparing to cross an important threshold? This Eclipse heralds a time to graduate and move on. Learn the reasons behind this and pinpoint the specific areas of impact as we analyze this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse across all twelve houses of the zodiac.



Astrology in Action: Graduating - New Purpose

Which areas of your life are ready to graduate and embrace new experiences? Let's dive deep into this powerful Lunar Eclipse throughout the 12 houses of the zodiac, and explore how they may be speaking to you and shaping your life. Additionally, we'll explore the dynamics of Mars's t-square with the Lunar Nodes and identify which aspects of your chart and life may be urging you toward decisive action and bold expression.
This is a place for you to ask questions, share stories, and receive my personal insights based on your natal chart.

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


October Workshops


The Libra Solar Eclipse - Your New Purpose!

This is a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Libra that happens conjunct The Black Moon Lilith! During this time many aspects of your life culminate and reach their conclusion. A new path is unfolding, and the Libra Lunar Eclipse conjunct the Black Moon Lilith serves to clarify what belongs to your past, and what is aligning you with your new purpose. In addition to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, this month also sees Jupiter stationing retrograde in Gemini, while Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. But what significance do these cosmic events hold for you and for the evolution of your purpose? Join us to explore further and gain insights into the new path that beckons you toward the future.



Astrology in Action: Your Eclipse Messages

Are you ready to dive deep into the Lunar Eclipse conjunct the Black Moon Lilith in Your Chart? In this intimate gathering, you will receive guidance that will help you uncover the hidden messages unveiled for you during this transformative time. This is an excellent time to ask questions, be they personal or astrology related, and I will offer my advice to you based on your chart. Here you will also receive guidance and prompts to create a plan of action into the energies that are calling you next.


~ This workshop is exclusively to members ~


November Workshops


The Scorpio New Moon: A New Society Dawns!

The world is on the brink of a revolution, and the Scorpio New Moon tells the story! November holds immense significance as Mars opposes Pluto and enters Leo, preparing to station retrograde and activate a wave of unbridled expression and revolutionary rebellion. Coming in to support this is Saturn who stations direct, and Pluto who enters 0°Aquarius. This is a powerful energy that will call forth a unique blend of order and liberation, unlike anything seen. These energies are here to create dents in society, that will in turn usher in new chapters for all.

But how do these events intersect with your personal chart, and what implications do they hold for you?
Join us for our groundbreaking workshop, "A New Society Dawns," where you will learn about the catalyst windows calling in radical shifts in your structures and reality. Discover which doors are opening for you next.



Astrology in Action: Bold New Steps Towards Your New Purpose

You are invited to embark on a journey of healing and activation into your purpose with me. This is a moment for your vision of the future to be renewed and infused with the breath of new life! Let's delve deeply into the facets of your personal chart and life that are calling you towards completion and breakthrough during this pivotal phase. 
Here, you and I will engage in in-depth exploration and mentoring, as we examine your energies and receive personalized guidance and support for your vision as you move forward.


~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~


December Workshops


Mars Retrograde in Leo: A New Paradigm for 2025!

Mars retrogrades in Leo just in time as we approach the close of 2024 and the dawn of 2025! Mars retrograde sparks a wave of revolution, beckoning many to step beyond boundaries and into a new paradigm. The New Moon in Sagittarius echoes this new paradigm, while Saturn's square with Jupiter reaches its zenith, awakening vital societal shifts across the globe.


As the Winter Solstice arrives, it ushers in breakthroughs, while the New Moon in Capricorn aligns with Chiron's station direct, beckoning healers to undergo a radical rebirth as we enter 2025!


Astrology in Action: Awakening Your Rebirth in 2025!

Are you ready for a rebirth into 2025?

Join us for this incredible last workshop of the year. Here you will receive personal mentoring and guidance as you review your 2024 and prepare for new visions and your rebirth in 2025!

~ This workshop is exclusively for members ~



"I have watched numerous astrologers, and most state the same thing. Raquel Spring is the only astrologer that makes my light bulbs, bells, and whistles go off, spiking my curiosity for more. I always feel more knowledgable after watching every video. What an amazing gift."

- Tiffiney P.

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