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Raquel Spring Signture


Raquel Spring Astrology Chiron The Wounded Healer


Price: $33

Single workshop (2h 40 m)

*Also sold as part of the 3-video set Beyond the Planets

This workshop includes a deep dive into Chiron, it's soul and evolutionary purpose, Chiron returns and their importance, and the signification of planets and angles aspecting Chiron.

This lecture includes a deep dive into the symbolism and astrology of Chiron - an asteroid that illuminates your deepest wounds. By understanding its house and sign placement in your natal chart, you can begin to understand where you are being called to introspect and dig deeper into your insecurities and traumas.


Understanding Chiron can be pivotal in helping you transform the areas of your life where you are called to experience the biggest soul evolution and growth. This lecture also focuses on Chiron Returns and their importance and the significance of angels or planets aspecting your Chiron placement.

See below for a short preview of the lecture:

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