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Raquel Spring Signture


With ease and grace, we WELCOME THE YEAR OF 2022!

Here we go! 💥

Love, blessings, and power to all as we enter one of the most significant turning points of our life.

2021 was a year of personal and collective dissolution, where identities, ambitions, desires, and directions have gone through deep mutation and transmutation.

It is clear that, on some level, 2021 has brought us to our knees, but as we look back and reflect, we can also see that there has been a significant quantum leap in consciousness occurring equally.

Today we witness firsthand the dawning of this new consciousness that is entering our atmosphere through the rays (and age) of Aquarius.

Through my work with Astrology I have been blessed to guide many of you into 2022, and through it I have been finding a recurring theme with so many charts pointing to something big being birthed between 2022-2024.

Time after time, chart after chart, I see bold moves being made and new voices, new expressions getting ready to emerge.

This is happening collectively, and it brings me joy!

Yes, 2022 will teach us unshakable endurance, but it will equally give rise to new states of power and of freedom.

It thrills my heart and moves my soul to be alive during this time, not only to witness the greatest transition for humanity taking place, but to also bear witness, through your Astrological charts, to the glorious birthing of a new cycle that is occurring through you!

The more I sit with it all, the more I see that we are right on time, and that the best is yet to come.

I want to wish each of you a glorious passage into 2022.

With ease, grace and power, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

❤️ Raquel Spring.

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