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A SPECIAL UPDATE: The Eclipses of October

The most important message the eclipses of October bring are: a shift of values and a restructuring of relationship models.

Solar Eclipse 21° Libra: October 14, 2023

Lunar Eclipse 5° Taurus October 28, 2023

Dear community, family, star beings and earth angels from around the world Happy Taurus Lunar Eclipse! Today, I'd like to discuss the evolving Eclipse energies of October, which are now in full momentum, and guiding us into the dynamics of November.

The primary focus and most important messages carried by the October eclipses are: a restructuring of relationship models and a shift of values.


TAURUS: A Shift of Values

The Taurus Lunar eclipse of October 28, 2023 marks the culmination of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series we've been experiencing since 2021, officially closing this particular eclipse cycle.

Taurus and Scorpio encompass significant themes such as money, values, sexuality, intimacy, pleasures, relationships, security, commitment, power dynamics, instincts, desires, and more. The recent Taurus and Scorpio eclipses have supported us by stirring up profound shifts around those very same themes, and why those energies have been so alive for us throughout 2021-2023.

Remember, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses also coincided with the Lunar Nodes in a rare t-square with Saturn throughout 2022, and later with Pluto in 2023. This brought about an unparalleled level of significance to those eclipses themes, as together with the Saturn, and then Pluto, Nodal Square, we were pushed to finalize soul contracts and wrap up lifetimes of relationships along with the evolutionary (karmic) ties we've been working through for eons of time.

Now it's finally time to complete the contracts (karma) as we prepare to move into a new dynamic of evolution!

Hence, tonight's Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse announces the potential of a grand finale for these themes, and ignites a surge of energy in your Taurus house that is preparing for breakthrough, fruition, completion, and a new beginning phase by Spring/Summer of 2024!

~ Transiting Uranus in Taurus may also have a direct impact on our global values, currencies, and earth resources by 2024-2025 creating an opportunity for new global values to emerge! ~


LIBRA: Restructuring Relationship Models

The Libra Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 officially opened up the Aries/Libra eclipse series that will span from 2023-2025.

Aries and Libra deal with themes of polarity and equality, individuality and union, the awareness and integration of self through relationships.

With the North Node now in Aries we are being asked to prioritize a whole new level of courage, authenticity and bold expression. This sets the stage for the greater cycle of Aquarius, and of freedom that is now at our doorstep.

In order for this transformation to occur, we must release our old ideas around relationships, which as a society we have certainly outgrown, and what the South Node now in Libra is now highlighting. Old models, concepts and ideas around relationships disintegrate (including between countries and world relations!!) as we collectively make way for new models to come in that are in greater resonance with the new matrix and era of Aquarius.

~*~ Conclusion:

The electrifying wake-up calls from Uranus's transit through Taurus since 2018, followed by the North Node's transit through Taurus (2021-2023), have profoundly stirred and shaken your Taurus house, pushing it beyond its comfort zone, instigating unexpected shifts that have been paving the way for radical revolution.

With the new evolutionary focus now on Aries and Libra, we welcome a new phase of growth and action, significant action, moving forward. This will especially involve a new paradigm for relationships that are more in alignment with authenticity and freedom.

If you've been listening and leaning into the shifts of your Taurus house, 2024 could be an exciting time of reaping results and rewards, as the big energies in Taurus meet for one final big celebration by Spring of 2024, before transitioning into the next big focus, which will be Gemini.

Embrace the shift, dive into the restructuring, you are finally ready to step forth into the new reality you have been creating all along!

Happy Taurus Lunar Eclipse.

With love, Raquel Spring.

For detailed information with dates and guidance, please see our Full Workshop: October Eclipses, Opening The Gateway of 2024!

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