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ARIES & LIBRA: The Great Astrological Shift of the Lunar Nodes 2023-2025

The shift of the Lunar Nodes onto the world axis of Aries-Libra takes place on July 17, 2023.

This marks an important time as Venus makes the bold jump from being the ruler of the North Node in Taurus, to being the ruler of the South Node in Libra. This dramatic shift is further amplified as Venus stations retrograde, only days later, at the ultra-sensitive degree of 29° Leo, and in doing so re-activates the landmark left by the Great Solar Eclipse of August 2017.

What a statement from Venus.

This unique shift of the Lunar Nodes, synchronized with Venus stationing retrograde in Leo, marks an important time for the world and for each chart.

In this workshop we will observe the physical and spiritual implications of this mighty event, which then paves the way for the 8/8 Lionsgate Portal, and the events beyond!

Other key highlights include:

✔️ Mars and Venus step up as the new rulers.

✔️ The 29° Aries Solar Eclipse of April 2023 wakes up.

✔️ Most dynamic energies since 2020 converge.

✔️ Virgo and Leo give clues, and leave an important message for you.

I will teach and guide you to:

✔️ Interpret this new energy in any chart! What this means for ALL 12 HOUSES of the zodiac. Learn how to support your clients and loved ones during this important cycle.

✔️ Identify areas of growth and find support for any chart during this time

✔️ Determine your next steps. Learn what this time is communicating to you.

✔️ Receive personalized guidance, practical advice, and prompts for further reflection throughout the week.

Join me for a private deep dive workshop on Saturday, June 17, as we unravel the journey of ARIES & LIBRA - The Great Astrological Shift of The Lunar Nodes 2023-2025. Discover how you are preparing for a new level of self-awareness, of power, and of freedom, emerging now to support the Age of Aquarius!

For more details and to RSVP, please see below. It's an honor to share such depth and information with you.

Raquel Spring



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