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ASTRO NEWS: Mercury, Uranus, & Jupiter Retrograde!

Dear Family & Community

August was indeed a significant month, marked by an unusual surge of energy that illuminated the presence of Black Moon Lilith in Leo in various ways. Combined with the influence of Venus Retrograde, and emphasized by the August 16 New Moon in Leo (conjunct Black Moon Lilith!) this month marked a major threshold in our lives. Wake-up calls, and life-altering moments emerged as shadow and light converged toward one single point of culmination and integration. As part of the greater cycles of Saturn's t-square with the Lunar Nodes in 2022, and Pluto's t-square with the Lunar Nodes in 2023, this period has contributed to the deeper process of purification, the completion of contracts, the resolution of karmic entanglements, and the closure of timelines—topics I've been discussing for some time now. For this reason, our recent experiences have been deeply, deeply significant. Now, as we wrap up August and step into September, we welcome the presence of Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter retrograde, bringing us to an astounding six planets, with a total of seven altogether if we include Chiron, in retrograde motion! Mercury's retrograde in Virgo offers a valuable moment for reflection and an opportunity for an honest look at your current reality: ~ Is this what you truly want on a soul level moving forward? ~ Do you sense harmony and a body-mind-heart-spirit alignment? ~ Are you living in a state of balance and ultimate truth? Mercury retrograde opens a deeper door to listen to the answers of the soul.

Next, we have Uranus, who is currently stationing retrograde at 23° Taurus.
Uranus's stations are known for awakening the unpredictable and the unexpected, and to some extent this is what we are preparing for next!
Mercury and Uranus retrograde are intertwining energies, working together to serve as catalysts for significant decisions and exciting shifts in direction as we prepare for new paths!
___________________________________________________________________ For a deeper understanding and personalized guidance on Mercury and Uranus retrograde, along with the rich tapestry of September's energies, please see our latest workshops:
Complete with detailed dates and events!
Twice a year, when Uranus stations (once retrograde, and once direct) I eagerly hold onto my seat in deep curiosity and anticipation of 'what's next.' Uranus's energies are very noticeable and, due to its unpredictable nature, they become one of the most significant stations of the year for me personally. So here I am, once again, in deep curiosity and anticipation of what this week (and month) will bring... This is all about the bigger shifts that we are ready for. ~Here we go.
As I navigate these energies alongside you, I want to remind you of the importance of surrendering to the process. Regardless of other people's actions or choices, stay focused on your path, your lessons, and your personal growth during this time. This is not the time to 'fix things' or 'get through' to others, but to observe, allow, and trust in the process. Trust that you have brought yourself to this exact moment to see what you are ready to see, and to experience release and growth on a whole new level!
Having the humility to accept your lessons and finding peace to close your greater cycles will take you a long way during this time.
Ultimately, this journey is about you. How deeply do you love yourself to trust in your higher intelligence, and accept the unfolding of your process? With love, Raquel Spring.

JUPITER RETROGRADE: THE BIG REVOLUTION OF TAURUS IN 2024! An additional layer of life-altering shifts is introduced into the picture in just a few days as Venus finally stations direct, followed by Jupiter, who stations retrograde only hours later in the sign of Taurus, which is Venus's domain. This powerful exchange of energies between Venus and Jupiter will bring legal matters to the spotlight for many around the world and prepare us for global Eclipse energies entering the scene in October. Join me for a compelling exploration of these themes on our next workshop, this Saturday, September 2nd, 8:30 am PST / 11:30 am EST, with replay included. Click here to reserve your spot and be a part of this event. Or Join Our Mentorship Program and access all workshops free!

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