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Raquel Spring Signture

ASTROLOGICAL WINDOWS, Envision & Prepare for 2024! 💥

Let's come together to intentionally close out 2023 and welcome the potential for 2024?

As we enter the pivotal months of November and December, the intricate Cosmic Clock not only ticks towards the conclusion of 2023 but also aligns us with the blooming and booming energies of 2024.
In a world brimming with change, the celestial bodies whisper secrets of the cycles ahead—how can we listen and move in harmony with the unfolding Cosmic Agenda?
Saturn's recent station direct opened up a cascade of clarity and commitment, soon to be echoed by Neptune and Jupiter. These planetary shifts, culminating with the milestone of the Winter Solstice, propel us to close 2023 and open 2024 as Conscious Creators.
Join us this Saturday and discover optimal timings, established by Cosmic authority, Universal cycles, and Astrological decree for...
ASTROLOGICAL WINDOWS, Envision & Prepare for 2024! This Saturday, November 11, 8:30 am PST / 11:30 am EST, with replay included.

~ For personalized GUIDANCE & SUPPORT during these times, Book A Private Session or join The Astrology Mentorship Program ~

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