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Astrology Guidance for Sagittarius Season I The Black Moon Lilith I Breakthrough!

Sagittarius season is here, and with this energy comes a big release. As a consequence, we are offered the golden opportunity for a breakthrough!

Astrologically, 2022 has been a profound year of closure, graduation, and completion for many, where generations and lineages have fulfilled soul contracts, and collective agreements have come full circle. This, of course, paves the way for the great event of Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius, designed to ignite world developments and a new age for humanity of awareness and of freedom. This pivotal threshold is scheduled to take place in March of 2023, and will be anchored fully by January of 2024.

The pendulum swings have been intense and drastic in order to keep us focused on what really matters from this point forward.

Mars retrograde (and out of bounds) contributes significantly by bringing repressed feelings to the surface. This energy ignites the rumbles of deep emotions and of powerful expressions. However, despite this release of energy, Mars retrograde is also in a square with Neptune, and this alignment leaves no choice but to stop, feel, and listen to everything that is coming up. This is happening for a reason and

Observe and witness yourself as you are birthed into this new cycle. Who, and what, are you birthing next?

Another important energy and astrological alignment that is taking place right now is the fierce opposition between the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, and Pluto in Capricorn. Together they create a catalyst for you to look at yourself in the mirror, as both light and shadow are undeniably revealed before your very eyes. This energy also works together with Mars retrograde, uncovering deep emotions, and contributing to the big release that is happening right now.

Take the opportunity, in this golden month of December, to develop a new relationship with yourself, with life, and with the new reality that you are calling in. Prioritize a new sense of purpose, and the understanding of who you are moving forward.

This time is here to help you witness your own transformation and know who you are becoming next.

Remember, you are free. Every moment of your life has led you to this point, and now, here you are. Your every experience is, in fact, preparing you for the greater cycle of Pluto in Aquarius, the dawning of a new age which you and I have incarnated for, and are now ushering in.

🔮 With Love, Raquel Spring.

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