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 Big Choices & Decisions?Relationship Questions & Advice.

Venus retrogrades are known for being a tender time for the heart, they are truly a time of deep listening, a time to reflect on values and themes that, at the end of the day, have to do with our own self-worth.

This is a period specifically known for its impact on relationships, and in some way or another, Venus retrogrades will have us plunge deeply into our psyche and emotions with another in order to observe, learn, and transform.

Needless to say, this Venus retrograde has been a profound and transformative experience for many hearts.

On January 29, Venus will station direct at 11° Capricorn, in a trine with our recently stationed Uranus, the planet of radical activity and ferocious evolution.

This weekend will bring an electric charge to relationships, where a window for strong resolutions, big decisions and powerful breakthroughs will happen.

Those running on automatic may feel this energy as “an impactful weekend”, but you can be a step ahead, and ride this surge of energy that is being offered, and act on that which this Venus retrograde period has shown you.

What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about your relationships?

In this video I am sharing some tips and guidance on that.

👉 VENUS RETROGRADE: Big Choices & Decisions? Relationship Questions & Advice. Sending love to all hearts, as we cross yet another threshold of this Venus retrograde period. ❤️

Raquel Spring

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