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Celestial Compass: Navigating New Horizons

Celestial Compass: Navigating New Horizons

This week there is this beautiful, tender, and even bittersweet knowing... that from this point forward, things will never be the same.

We are coming fresh from a New Moon in Cancer that just happened on July 5th. This New Moon in Cancer really marked a turning point for us, this famous ‘crossroads with destiny’ that I've been referring to for some time now.  

There is something about this week where we are starting in this fresh new realization and knowing that there is no turning back.

At the heart of the message for this week is: What is your future showing you? What do you need to do, what are the loose ends that you need to start tidying and cleaning up in order to take the next step onto the other side?  

There may be a bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to some things, some aspects of your life, ways of living, ways of being, and the honest recognition of what is calling you next. This is what the New Moon in Cancer was all about: Your Crossroads With Destiny

It's important to remember that Chiron is also holding this space of crossroads with destiny. In fact, Chiron is in the zone where the Fiery Aries Solar Eclipse of April left its landmark. And so, anything that activates Chiron also activates the eclipses, which also activates the Lunar Nodes, and in turn Your Crossroads With Destiny.

A deeper explanation of all of this, along with practical guidance and support can be found in our latest workshop: Your Crossroads With Destiny.

So, you can look at the squares to Chiron in the month of July as the necessary components for deep realizations and even the closing of some doors in your life to occur. Ultimately, the doors you are closing are to yourself and the old you—the old ways of being that simply do not resonate or support your evolution moving forward. Your bittersweet recognitions are necessary components that allow the old to make way for the new.

Feel into what that means for you. 

You see, there is one thing about life, and that is that it is always changing.

Things do not last forever, and it's okay to recognize when something has ended its cycle. It is actually a natural process of alchemy and transmutation that happens in order to give way to new life. This is how evolution occurs. So be bold and brave enough with yourself to recognize the bittersweet endings, the chapters in your life that are ready to be renewed and to evolve. 

Last week, Mercury activated Chiron by square. As we open this week, Venus activates Chiron by square, and by the end of this week, the Sun will square Chiron. There are very tender moments happening right now, and these moments are necessary.

This is not about resisting, fighting, proving your point, or arguing about things—be mindful of that. Because as Mercury and Venus enter Leo, we do feel that boldness come in. We do feel more courageous, and even feisty, as they enter Leo and oppose Pluto in Aquarius.   

But this energy is about having awareness that the courage and boldness that is coming in now is here to help you be clear and take certain steps, not from a place of wrestling, fighting, or resistance, but of grace.

Remember that even cutting cords can come from a place of allowing and of surrender.

So use the boldness of Leo, the courage, and the passion of this regal fire sign to help you take the necessary steps—in love, in grace—but take the next steps. 

In the meantime, there is a glorious, renewed sense of vision, of values, of relationships, and of new connections that is coming in as Mercury and Venus in Leo aspect Vesta and the North Node.

This is a marvelous opportunity for you to focus on the vision that is calling you forward!

So trust the voice that is calling you, trust the excitement, and trust the momentum that is opening doors to your future.

Love and blessings to each of you on this journey as you allow yourselves to sense, feel, and see the new horizons that are calling you forward.

In loving Cosmic support, 

Raquel Spring

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