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Are you ready to understand the heart soul and essence of the TAURUS SOLAR ECLIPSE?

The primary focus on the Solar Eclipse of April 30, 2022 is Uranus who is shining a big light on change, surprises, and the unexpected coming right up ahead.

But what type of change are we looking at here, and what is the deeper meaning behind all of it?

In this Saturday’s workshop we will read in between the lines and uncover some of the deeper insights about this Taurus Solar Eclipse.

We will take a deeper look at:

° The powerful waves this Solar Eclipse is sending to Uranus, with reverberations to the Nodes of Fate for the rest of 2022!

° The most significant zones of the zodiac, and of your chart, during this Eclipse.

° The incredible and eerie septile from the Eclipse to Black Moon Lilith

° The majestic placement of the ruler Venus, who stands between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

° The karmic t square that Saturn and the Lunar Nodes are anchoring for the rest of the year.

° The bold statement of Mercury at 0° Gemini, introducing brand new energy into the picture!!

And more. ~°~

Chances are, you are probably already feeling the themes awakening in your life today in preparation for this Taurus Solar Eclipse. The energies are gathering, and so are the themes around it. Do you know what this Eclipse is speaking of for you?

The energies set into motion through this Eclipse are paving the way for the rest of 2022.

Find out why and how. Join me, this Saturday, at The Astrology Mentorship Program.

I look forward to sharing more soon!

Love, Raquel Spring.


Register Here:

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