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Raquel Spring Signture

IN BLISS... The Cancer Full Moon & Other Transformations.

JANUARY 6, 2023 ~16° CANCER FULL MOON Dear family and Astrology Lovers, Happy Full Moon! Full Moons naturally tend to be a time of greater emotional awareness, and when the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer emotional awareness is amplified even more. This means that most of us in here are feeling something very very deeply right now. Your Cancer house will reveal more. Now, here is a little something extra for you to know: The Full Moon in Cancer tonight is not only activating your Cancer house, but also the Moon in your natal chart! Think about that for a while: your natal Moon is also alive right now, and feeling this Full Moon deeply. On a personal note, the sign of Cancer is a very important sign for me, it is nestled in my 8th house and so everything that happens in there I feel very deeply. My natal Moon (in Libra) is also very important in my chart as it holds the final weight of all the other planets (along with Venus in Cancer) as my final dispositor. So I am right now feeling this one deeply. Actually, I am not only feeling this Full Moon, but I'm feeling ~everything~ so deeply it feels surreal... To go back a little, around the time of the Winter Solstice, I started feeling new energies come in, significant shifts, and huge heart openings that have only been increasing ever since. I have been in silence as much as possible, just soaking it in, present and surrendered, and now, at the time of the Cancer Full Moon I find myself at a culminating point, overflowing with a profound state of bliss that has revealed an even deeper strength of heart and silence of spirit being birthed from within me. Increased intuition, abilities, influence, connections, and so much more ... my readings are also going to a whole other level! It’s really been incredible. I've been feeling so powerfully charged and regenerated during this time that I have even been yearning to just be in my own space (including sexually) to enjoy and get familiar with all of this. I don't want or need anything else, I feel so complete in this wholeness. It's a new feeling to experience this on this level. My heart is so wide open that I find myself laughing and crying at everything, the breath flows freely, and I feel no resistance in my body. This has been consistently growing since the Winter Solstice, and I feel it may have something to do with the last preparations we're going through for Pluto in Aquarius. Anyway, this quantum leap is being experienced by so many throughout the world during this time, along with an increase in intuition and abilities... it's just the beginning, Pluto in Aquarius is here to help your consciousness wake up to new levels of awareness and the experience of what is possible from this point forward! What exciting times to be alive in. There you have it, those are some of my deep and personal, Cancer in the 8th house, thoughts on this Full Moon! I'll see you at our live Community Full Moon Gathering starting soon! With all my love, and heart wide open, Raquel Spring.

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