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Raquel Spring Signture


This lunar cycle coming in through the New Moon in Leo is a very important one where karmic thresholds come to a peak. The clock strikes midnight, and it is time for contracts to end. This is the nature of the month of August.

Situations this month may seem urgent and call for extreme focus. This dynamic is coming through the fixed signs, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus & Scorpio, who are working together to lock in place the ‘karmic threshold’, this critical point of decision and action.

As you navigate your situations, remember that any delays or limitations you may experience are in truth a reflection of much greater contracts that are being worked through in other dimensions right now. It is the dissolving and shifting of much deeper agreements that you have been a part of. So if you are experiencing this, then rejoice and show up for the experience, saying, how can I be of service?

I named my last video, ‘The Clock Reaches Midnight ~ Karmic Thresholds’, because August is the month when contracts come to an end (see video below).

This month is significant on so many levels, and I personally am very focused on what needs my attention and my full proactive participation in ending these contracts right now, not just for myself but for my lineage, for their generations, and for the world.

August is a big month for everybody and we have the opportunity to ride this wave, and actively participate in closing the old contracts that no longer serve humanity.

I am not talking about changing the laws of the government, I am talking about changing our perception, about shifting the fabric of time that allows for a new experience. But in order to end spells and karmic cycles, we must first pass the test of awareness.

Here we are, being moved to find new solutions, not because they are ‘good or bad’, but because we are ready, we are ready for awareness, and we are ready for evolution. But as you recognize that you are here to assist with the evolution of humanity, remember that you are also here on your own individual path of Self-discovery. So at the end of the day, this is a very personal process where it’s important to be aware and know when it’s time to actively participate, and when it’s time to go (and stay) within, be with yourself, feel, listen, and just learn from it all.

Mark your calendar, Thursday August 11, 5:00 pm pacific / 8:00 pm eastern will be our next Full Moon Community Gathering, where you have the opportunity to come together with us, as a community, and explore these concepts deeper. I will share logins with all in my mailing list soon.

In the meantime, and as you open up to receive this Leo New Moon, remember that it is your role to participate in this transition, in this closing of cycles, so use your god-given sovereign right to be aware, and to choose with awareness the people places and things that are aligned with the new vision for the world that we are ushering in.

All my love, and have a blessed week.

-Raquel Spring

Watch my Full August Report here:

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