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Raquel Spring Signture

June 3, The Sagittarius Full Moon I MIDNIGHT COUNTDOWN.

Welcome to the powerful month of June, where the energies are off the charts!

Since 2020, I've eagerly awaited this moment of June-December 2023. Now, as we enter June and stand at the landmark of the Summer Solstice, the momentum is about to accelerate in ways we have yet to witness.

As an astrologer, I'm incredibly excited to witness these energies come alive before my eyes.

June is a pivotal month, a turning point, the heart of the transition bridge. Everything that happens during this time is highly significant and synchronistic, everything is important. Because of this, I've named this month's Full Moon Gathering: "Midnight Countdown for the Collective Soul."

During our JUNE gathering we will cover a range of profound topics, including:

Pluto re-enters Capricorn: The final release!

The Grand Fixed Cross: Completion of soul contracts!

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis: Decisions and transitions!

The Full Moon and New Moon Energies of June: Intervention!

Mercury conjunct Uranus: Rapid shifts!

Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces: Souls cross over, old laws disintegrate.

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces: The sweeping power of WATER

The Black Moon Lilith, Mars, and Venus conjunct in Leo: In the raging heart of renewal!

June Summer Solstice: The turning point of 2023!

As you can see, each topic is powerful and deep, so be prepared to receive abundant information, including on a cellular level, as we come together to celebrate and activate the powers of The Sagittarius Full Moon.

.🕊 Logins will be emailed to all subscribers on our newsletter 24 hours prior to the start of the event. .🕊 A final reminder will be sent 2 hours before the scheduled call, ensuring that you have easy access to the login information. .🕊 For immediate access, Register Below

The Sagittarius Full Moon Gathering, offered FREE as a GIFT from my HEART to yours, is taking place this Saturday, June 3, 2023.

It is my sincere honor to spend this time with you. LOVE,

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