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Raquel Spring Signture

MEDITATION GIFT Scorpio Power of Transmutation & Rebirth. Welcoming Sagittarius!

This golden window from Scorpio to Sagittarius is here to fuel us into metamorphosis, power, and action. 

Dear Soul Loves, Family, & Community,I am here today to share a gift with you: a meditation, and video clip from our last community gathering. It is in my heart to share this gift as I feel, alongside many of you, the sacred Phoenix leave Scorpio, and transition into Sagittarius, where it is ready to take flight!

You may feel even now this momentum beginning to stir within your soul, a renewed vision welling up; the young, restless rebel who is ready to rise with newfound courage and commitment.

This powerful burst of Scorpio/Sagittarius exchange is a golden window, a strategic gift set in place at the perfect time to help us envision 2024 and set into motion our next steps for the year ahead!

2022 & 2023 have been transformative years, where lifetimes of soul agreements have come to a close, so that we can find ourselves here, now, collectively ready to introduce a new dynamic and a new era.

Thus, we find ourselves at a turning point in our lives and paths moving forward.What a precious window and gift to help us set our 2024 gears into motion.

I hope you can find renewed strength, and feel your momentum rise through this 10 minute meditation gift:  Meditation: Scorpio Powers of Transmutation & Rebirth!

With courage, we envision the freedom and new foundations that await us in 2024, as we​ forge our collective rebirth into a new era.

With love, Raquel Spring.

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