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Raquel Spring Signture


Scorpio season is here to fuel all of that, and move us into a moment of power and action.

Dearest community,
October blessed us with a surge of powerful energies, starting with Pluto, who opened the month with a station direct, followed by 2 incredible Elcipses, and then Saturn, who closed the month with a station direct.
As we close the year of 2023 Pluto concludes its powerful T-square with the lunar nodes, which means we are collectively released from karmic binds, and ready to explore uncharted territories.
Now, Scorpio season is here to fuel all of that, and move us into a moment of power and action.
In my last video update I spoke about The Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, and the Return of the Feminine! In this new video, I highlight November, and how the cosmic alignments, along with the Scorpio New Moon, ignite a phase of power and action to close out 2023 and prepare for 2024.
Our upcoming workshop this Saturday the 7th, Astrological Windows, Envision & Prepare for 2024! is a guidepost for this journey, designed to help you harness the final weeks of 2023 and strategically align with the energies of 2024! It's a time for personal reflection and strategy, as each of us consciously partake in this process of death and rebirth, and plant the seeds of what’s to emerge.
~ I will announce this workshop in my next newsletter, but if you want to reserve your early-bird spot, you can do so HERE. ~

As we enter November and prepare to close 2023 may we, with courage, envision the freedom and new foundations that await us in 2024 and together forge our collective rebirth into a new era.
With love, Raquel Spring

~ Please share this email, or video update, with those you know will resonate with this message. I look forward to sharing more with you soon! ;) ~
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