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Raquel Spring Signture

Reverberations Of, The Taurus Solar Eclipse

Updated: May 2, 2022

If you have been feeling a lot of energy shifts in your life recently, know that you are right on track with the evolutionary coordinates of 2022.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse of April 30th 2022 has officially set into motion a collective reality shift that we will see unfold throughout our next 12 months.

This 1st Eclipse of the year planted the seeds which will now sprout and show their first significant signs of action on July and August of 2022.

If you have been feeling these energy shifts, know that you are not alone. These shifts are merely occurring in response to the inner shifts that have been awakening within you, and as a reflection of the new perceptions that have been birthing within your heart.

These new seeds coming in are, in truth, the reverberations of a much greater mechanism awakening within creation and ushered into our reality through the Age of Aquarius.

Emerging within you now is the new golden voice of tomorrow, the individual expression that you are now carrying from the mother seed of the Aquarius Age. Surrender, and receive the waves of light that have recently been flooding the planet through the celestial alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, and that have now been anchored through the Taurus Solar Eclipse. Listen, and know that, in truth, you are a part of a much greater organism that is awakening within a new dimension of consciousness, and is echoing through the new voice being birthed within your heart today. ❤️ With Love, Raquel Spring. ~•~ Learn more: The Taurus Solar Eclipse & Energies for Next 6-12 Months 👉

If you want to go deeper into the energies of this Taurus Solar Eclipse, and understand what they mean for you, you can schedule a private session with me, where I will help you understand these energies in greater depth, or you can explore these energies for yourself in our workshop on the Taurus Solar Eclipse.

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