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Saturn Retrograde & Chiron Squares: Transforming Pain into Power.

Updated: Jul 8

Saturn Retrograde & Chiron Squares: Transforming Pain into Power.

Saturn Retrograde, June 29–November 15:

Saturn retrograde opens a significant window that stirs inner rebellion and restlessness. This period will give rise to a collective uproar, catalyzing major shifts in 2025-2026. I've been mapping out this Saturn retrograde as the inception of societal changes that will build momentum throughout the rest of this year and intensify throughout 2025 and 2026.

As Saturn stations retrograde, people around the world are becoming aware of their boundaries and limitations, and where they are ready to step forward and say, "No more!"

This wave of restlessness and rebellion is sweeping through foundations and structures, which includes people quitting jobs, standing up to authorities and institutions, and challenging parts of the system that are no longer functioning effectively and breaking down before our eyes.

This phase is about stepping away from the matrix as we figure out a new way forward.

Saturn retrograde marks the beginning of this restless wave. We will witness its unfolding throughout the latter part of this year, with momentum building significantly as we move into 2025.

It is good to remember that in our hearts there is a deep knowing that there is a reason for the phase we are currently in, and that we have to move through this breakdown of the old systems so that something completely new can be reborn.

This is what gives us a sense of purpose as we move into a new era.

Our task now is to transmute and transform what we have today, stretching the current paradigm to its limits even as it collapses.

Mercury, Venus, Sun, and New Moon in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And many times the ultimate teacher is our suffering—the place where we are wounded the most, the place where it hurts the most. This is what causes us to seek and ask questions, questions which then give way to new life

The fiery Aries Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024, occurred conjunct Chiron, spotlighting our innermost wounds and inviting us to look deeper. This conjunction initiated a journey towards new wisdom and leadership, aligning with the North Node in Aries' main evolutionary themes for 2024.

Now, as Cancer season unfolds, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and the Cancer New Moon activate the Aries Solar Eclipse through a 90° square. This aspect reignites both the Solar Eclipse energy and Chiron's themes seeded in April. As Chiron becomes emphasized in July, it teaches us to embrace our wounds and uncomfortable experiences like anxiety, sadness, and illness as teachers.

By allowing bittersweet questions to surface (such as "Why am I experiencing this pain?" or "What can I learn from this challenge?"), we make way for insights that will catapult us into new standards for generations to come, redefining what it means to be human as we move forward into a new stage of evolution.

In Conclusion:

As we navigate this powerful week leading into the Cancer New Moon, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads with Destiny. Saturn retrograde and Chiron squares invite us to transform our pain into power. By acknowledging our boundaries and embracing difficult questions, we open ourselves to profound growth. Through this process, we become active participants in shaping a new era. As we rise to this challenge, we pave the way for unprecedented human understanding and evolution, influencing generations to come.

With Cosmic Love,

Raquel Spring.

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