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Raquel Spring Signture

The Sedona Ascension Retreat

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

I am still vibrating from the incredible 3-day Sedona Ascension Retreat that I was warmly invited to last weekend! With speakers like Matt Khan, William Henry, Paul Selig, Billy Carson, Alan Steinfeld, J.J. & Desire Hurtak, and so many more. My body is buzzing and my spirit is soaring, thank you Suzanne Ross for making this happen.

I hosted a workshop on Pluto in Aquarius, forged significant bonds, made many new connections, and wow, it was just surreal. - The amount of information (and activations) that I received in those 3 days from all the amazing speakers was also surreal! Ha. It was a lot! -But just enough for Pluto's entrance into Aquarius to blast through this week.

I was truly impressed with the level of knowledge + heart-body presence that each speaker had, and am in deep gratitude and honor to have been there to witness this, and to add to the light of that event. -Pluto in Aquarius, here we come!

Raquel Spring

At the Sedona Ascension Retreat, Sedona AZ.

Pluto in Aquarius transmissions and activations!

I studied remote viewing and remote influencing in the past, so it was really incredible to meet Michael Jaco, who lived for years in the heart of our military system, the CIA, Navy Seal, etc where he was taught how to remote view, and how Michael today has honed his skills in the higher consciousness realms and to remote heal the planet. Wow, a true honor to know we have people of this caliber doing this level work! Hands down, one of my favorites at the event!

The dear beloved Matt Kahn. His eyes glow and his heart beams just as much in person as in pictures and videos.

Paul Selig! The energy he brought through during his presentation was so powerful, it goes way beyond words, and if you can journey with him beyond words, it's quite a profound experience. Thank you for activating me Paul!

Brad Olsen is so gifted! After meeting him I was wondering if there is anything he does not know about, ha. Brad has traveled to all 7 continents with his latest journey to Antarctica, which is what his presentation was about. I feel so expanded!

Victoria Reynolds (next to me) was also born and raised in an extreme cult/sect and we bonded instantly, today she has an incredible work and we were both invited to do a show on our stories, so you might see us together very soon

While there I did a live interview with Tanjila who is a leader in bringing spirituality and consciousness to the world! Soul Search, It's always an honor to co-create with you.

Viviane Chauvet is an incredible international public speaker recognized for her work as an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar in a human projected form. I could feel her energy and mastery from afar, it was strong (!!) and was so grateful for the transmissions and activations she shared with us in her talk!

I had never met Viviane Chauvet before, but about 2 weeks before the event I spontaneously started to receive so many emails and messages from you, my community, about her powerful work. It was like spirit was coordinating us even before we met. When Viviane Chauvet and I met we both felt instantly connected! Wow. Beyond words. Stay on the lookout, you just might see us speaking together soon

Suzanne Ross thank you sister for putting this together, and allowing this amount of energy to flood through Sedona (and the rest of the world) right on the Solstice, 0°Aries New Moon, and Pluto's entry into Aquarius! Wow, every moment and every day I was just beaming this new light and information from our conference and onto the rest of the world, as we cross this threshold into the new era that we ourselves have been paving the way for!

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