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Raquel Spring Signture

Sunday, April 9, 2023 HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!

I am wishing you a blessed Easter and a joyful resurrection weekend! The tapestry of this moment is shimmering with expansion and new beginnings. Can you feel it? Since my interview with Scott Catamas on The Embodiment of Gaia everything has been sparkling with new life, and I feel the presence of Gaia more deeply than ever before. As is my custom during these important astrological windows, I spent a few hours immersed in this state, amplifying and broadcasting it through Bellrock here in Sedona, AZ.

Meanwhile, energy is building up as we prepare for the first eclipse of the year, the first retrograde planet in almost three months, and a lot of activity in Taurus.

This is a sobering time that compels each of us to face deeper truths. It's time to do the work. With everything changing, there's a sense of urgency. Trust that everything is happening for a reason - from the people in your life to the events in your reality, everything is synchronistic. The energy is unusually intense at the moment, and inner peace, balance, and presence are non-negotiable. Let's take this time to reflect, to embrace the changes around us, and continue working towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Mars and Venus were the stars of our Libra Full Moon Gathering, and led the way as we explored the incredible energies of April, and the building momentum of Aries and Taurus. This special gathering focused on the Astrology for April, eclipses, relationships, and world events, diving deeply into the impacts on the world economy, government, and our core values this year. With special attention to the extreme energies of the upcoming 29° Aries Solar Eclipse, we explored the ways in which important contracts are being fulfilled right now, the transformative moment of Pluto square with the Lunar Nodes, and the threshold of change that is even now building in Taurus.

Below is the replay for you to watch and tune in during this powerful passageway. Make the most of this holy day as you join us, and contribute to the expansion of our planet during this time.

Thank you, I love you.


Raquel Spring.

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