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Raquel Spring Signture

The 27° Cancer Full Moon

There is a marvelous build-up that happens from this point on.

After the recent unique station of Mercury retrograde, an incredible Cancer Full Moon comes out to bless us today, January 17.

Before talking about the biggest highlight of this Full Moon, which is the Sun & Pluto opposition, I want to point out that this Cancer Full Moon, happening at 27° Cancer, is creating a trine point with the much-anticipated Jupiter and Neptune conjunction scheduled to take place on April, at 23° & 24° Pisces.

That conjunction will emphasize a surge of emotion, a deep sense of bliss, amplified faith, optimism, idealism, and greater access to spirit.

You may be feeling glimpses of these states today because this Full Moon opens a portal to that. Furthermore, events that happen this next week or two may find fruition in April, when this trine point is activated and fully open!

Now, on to the focus of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon, at 27° Cancer announces both the opposition and the balance point of the matriarchy and patriarchy.

With the Sun and Pluto conjunct in the sign of Capricorn, we see the culmination of hierarchy and power converge. One example is the recent announcement of Prince Andrew being stripped of his military and royal titles.

There is a very real power implosion that is happening right now, and with the Moon at the opposite end, in the sign of Cancer, we see these themes reach a peak tonight on this magnificent Full Moon.

I recently spoke of this power dynamic and build up in Capricorn in my Mercury retrograde video update (see below), how this is a natural part of the crumbling and dissolving of power dynamics, and how that is tied into the USA's Pluto Return.

The Cancer Full Moon highlights that.

The build-up continues as, in only a few hours from now, the planet Uranus will station direct, accelerating our rhythms and stirring even greater momentum.

A few hours after Uranus stations direct the Lunar Nodes will change signs, and set the course of our evolution into new focus for the next 18 months!


Can you feel the build-up of this Cancer Full Moon?

Where is 27° Cancer in your chart? Where is this Full Moon happening for you?

May you feel the beautiful light of the Mother, of the Goddess, of the Feminine divine, shining through the Cancer Full Moon tonight.

With LOVE,

Raquel Spring


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